YouTube TV 4K Plus deal gets you Ultra HD television for just $4.99 per month for 2 years

Anyone who’s still subscribed to YouTube TV is likely subscribed because its live TV and sports offerings are unparalleled. While I may not be big on programming latent with advertisements and prefer strictly on-demand content, I still get it. Last year, Google launched a 4K Plus package that allowed these viewers to up the quality of their stream to well, 4K Ultra HD.

That package did cost an additional $19.99 USD on top of the already exorbitant $64.99 USD Base Plan, but the company did discount it to $9.99 USD per month for the first year when it first became available. Now, it looks like some subscribers are getting a notification stating that this 4K Plus add-on is available to them for just $4.99 USD per month for two entire years!

This is obviously severely discounted, and it’s clear that Google is hoping to onboard more users to its live TV service, which I personally feel is failing its expectations. Supported networks for 4K UHD streams include The Discovery Channel, ESPN, FX, Nat Geo, MLB Network, Tastemade, NBC Sports, and Fox Sports. Of course, you’ll need to play 4K content on 4K displays like the new Sony Bravia lineup, Samsung, LG, and HiSense units manufactured after 2016.

A few folks are seeing the $4.99 USD per month pricing for the first 24 months, and others are being offered $6.99 USD per month for the same time frame, so it’s interesting to see YouTube testing different pricing packages. Do keep in mind that if you choose to accept any of these offers, the full price will be charged to you automatically after the 2 years expires. Let me know if you still use YouTube TV or if you’ve moved on to other streaming services.

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