Women Impact Tech Recognizes Significant Women in the Tech Industry with Inaugural Women of Impact Award

“It’s essential to our mission to highlight and support the individual women who are breaking barriers, paving paths, and uplifting the other women around them,” says Women Impact Tech President Paula Bratcher Ratliff.

Yesterday, Women Impact Tech released its first-ever Women of Impact Awards in conjunction with American Business Women’s Day, honoring the most noteworthy businesswomen in the nation. The Women of Impact list distinguishes women in technology roles who’ve broken barriers and supported other women throughout their careers.

Women Impact Tech’s 2023 Women of Impact Awards highlight the extraordinary women who are making strides to promote DEI and gender equity in the tech space and leading the charge for the next generation of women to succeed. These are the women to watch over the next year as leading examples of how women can and will thrive in an industry dominated by men.

Women hold only [24% of computing jobs—and the number only gets smaller when looking at areas like developers, software engineers, and leadership positions. Women also tend to leave their jobs 45% faster than men, with 38% of women in tech planning on leaving their careers in the next two years. Women Impact Tech is proud to credit these extraordinary Women of Impact who have significantly influenced an individual or the technical space as a whole.

The nominees’ professional and leadership achievements were evaluated, and the Top 50 Women of Impact were chosen by an esteemed panel of independent judges—selected for their experience and integrity—from various organizations. Among the judges include Sally Frykman, CMO at Velodyne Lidar, Heather Coleman, VP, Head of Enterprise Data and Analytics at Farmers Insurance, Rao Lakkakula, Head of Product Security at JPMorgan Chase & Co., Annie Scranton, Founder and President at Pace Public Relations, Sondra Shannon, CEO at Gatemaster Technology, and Camille Nichols, Board Member at nLight (Retired General).

“It’s essential to our mission to highlight and support the individual women who are breaking barriers, paving paths, and uplifting the other women around them,” says Women Impact Tech President Paula Bratcher Ratliff, who has devoted her career to aiding corporations in crafting strong DEI statements backed in action and results. “We’re proud and grateful for these women, and it is our honor to recognize them.”

The Top 50 Women of Impact include:

Sunny Ackerman, President, Americas, SThree

Sandra Ajimotokin, Senior Security Program Manager, Twitter

Helen Altshuler, CEO, EngFlow

Natalia Baryshnikova, Head of Product, Enterprise Agility, Atlassian

Morgan Bell, Product Manager II, Twitter

Monika Chauhan, Hardware Development Manager, Amazon

Opal Comfort, Creator/Executive Producer, New Culture City, Inc.

Terri Crymes, Principal Instructor, Digital Adoption Institute, WalkMe

Kamini Dandapani, VP of Engineering, Airbnb

Deb DeCamp VP – Head of Strategy US Tech Markets, Akkodis

Ashley Eberhart, Cofounder/Head of Product, Unlock NYC

Dwana Franklin-Davis, CEO, Reboot Representation

Sally Frykman, Chief Marketing Officer, Velodyne Lidar

Jigyasa Grover, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Twitter

Tavishi Gupta, Founder and CEO, Tern

Jossie Haines, Executive Coach, Jossie Haines Consulting

Menka Hariani, Director of Product Management – Cybersecurity & Digital Family Safety, Allstate Identity Protection

Shan He, Senior Director of Engineering, Foursquare

Shruti Jadon, Senior Machine Learning Researcher, Juniper Networks Inc

Anita Jindal, Sr. Director, Engineering, VMware

Alana Karen, Director, Search Platforms, Google

Dieuwertje Kast Director of STEM Education Programs, University of Southern California’s Joint Educational Project

Elim Kuk, Sr. Manager of Customer Onboarding Team, Gorgias

Amy Lascola, SRVP, Enterprise Delivery/Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Quess US

Ishita Majumdar, Vice President, Data Analytics Platforms, eBay

Hareem Mannan, VP of Product & Design, Pave

Melody Meckfessel, CEO and Co-founder, Observable

Candace Mitchell-Harris, CEO, Myavana

Pratima Nambiar, Principal Architect, Salesforce

Nithya Natesan, Senior Manager, Product Management, NVIDIA

Ifeoma Ozoma, Founder, Earthseed

Jamila Parham, Founder and Owner, The Tech Unicorn

Elizabeth Pate, Sr. Customer Experience Specialist – Tech Writer, Twitch Interactive

Linda Pelej, Principal, Lakeshore Solutions

Tracy Peterson, Vice President Global Learning, Hitachi Vantara

Deena Pierott, CEO and Founder, iUrban Teen

Sweta Rai, Founder & CEO, Diverse Cinema, Inc

Ali Rossi, Data Scientist III, Foursquare

Shadi Rostami Senior Executive VP of Engineering, Amplitude

Katica Roy, CEO, Pipeline Equity

D Sangeeta, Founder and CEO, Gotara

Jyotika Singh, Director of Data Science, Placemakr

Lori Sokol, Executive Director, Women’s eNews

Precious Taylor, CEO, Cyber Smart Mom, LLC

Rupal Thanawala, CEO, Trident Systems

Martha Tobolski, VP User Experience, Clarity Voice

Manon Vergerio, Head of Data & Advocacy, Unlock NYC

Tess Vismale, Founder and CEO, iSocialX

Dawn Wellott, Founder & CEO, SmartMomGig.com

Himani Yerneni, Lead, Quality Assurance, Exegy, Inc.

For more information about Women Impact Tech’s 2023 Women of Impact Awards and the honorees, visit: https://hello.womenimpacttech.com/2023-women-of-impact-honorees.


Women Impact Tech drives diversity, equity, and inclusion for women in technology. By providing knowledge and insights, creating avenues to make meaningful connections, and offering career guidance and mobility, Women Impact Tech is a community that allows women in technology positions to thrive in their careers and organizations to have a culture of equity and inclusion.



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