Woman Catches DoorDash Driver Eating Her Food Instead Of Delivering It –

A DoorDash driver was caught in the act of eating a customer’s food by the customer. The customer was tired of waiting for her delivery, and after being ghosted by the delivery driver, she went looking for him.

The customer found the driver sitting in his car in the apartment complex where she lives. Was he trying to contact her to complete the order? Nope, he was eating her food. She confronted the delivery driver and recorded the bizarre interaction with him.

Woman Catches DoorDash Driver Eating Her Food Instead Of Delivering It –
Delivery driver caught eating customer’s order (Image Credit: DoorDashSuperstar/TikTok)

The DoorDash driver had a completely shocked look on his face throughout the confrontation. He tried and failed multiple times to come up with a good excuse as to why he was eating her order.

The video starts with the driver sitting in his car holding an order of sushi in one hand while his phone sits on his lap. There are several bites of the sushi missing from the tray. His phone appears to still have the DoorDash app open.

The customer walks closer to his open window and asks the driver, “So instead of you bringing me my food, or answering the phone, you decided just to keep it and eat it?”

She then tells the driver to give her the food she ordered. In what has to be an all-time move, he hands over what appears to be an empty bag. It is possible there were other food items in the bag, but he appeared to be preparing to finish off the sushi himself.

The customer wasn’t having it and asked for her sushi and her drink, which were both still in the driver’s car. He handed them over while trying to come up with a response.

Come Up With A Story Before You Start Eating The Customer’s Food

After claiming to have tried looking for her, the customer asked if that was the case why hadn’t he responded to her messages. His response tops his attempt to keep the sushi.

The driver said, “I was overwhelmed by messages. I don’t usually get that many.” He then trails off, “I was trying…”

So he was overwhelmed by messages from the person he was supposed to be delivering the food to and decided to park his car and eat her food instead of responding to the messages?

That’s a wild explanation. Unless she was a bad tipper, that seems like that’s the story he’s sticking to.

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