Will Solana Maintain The Current Bullish Explosion? Bitgert Is Also Good Buy This Month


Solana (SOL) is the hottest cryptocurrency in the top 15 coins right now. The coin has been exploding for the past few weeks and looking at this month’s performance, it has been one of the most bullish cons. Just looking at the charts shows how impressive Solana has been in 2023.

CMC data shows that Solana has increased 134% this month, which makes it one of the biggest gainers today. In fact, investors that bought Solana on 1st January have grown the investments +2X as of writing. This is massive growth for a coin in the top 15 largest cryptocurrencies.

But will Solana maintain this bullish performance in the next few weeks? Well, this is the question that many investors are asking today. One thing that crypto enthusiasts need to understand is that Solana is yet to reach the $30 value, which was the price before the FTX mess.

As of writing, the Solana coin was trading at $23.60, which means the coin might still surge toward $30 in the next few days. However, it is also essential to mention that Solana has also been enjoying the bullish sentiment in the market, where almost all the coins have been on an uptrend.

Whether Solana will be able to maintain the current bull run will be dependent on the overall market performance and developments around FTX. If Alameda hints at withdrawing its holdings, then we might see Solana crash again. However, as things stand, $SOL might continue to soar this month.

Bitgert (BRISE) Would Also Make An Ideal Buy This January

For investors looking for a stable and promising coin, Bitgert might be most ideal coin to buy today. The price forecast for the Bitgert coin is that it might hit 10X growth in the next few months. This means $BRISE might do better than Solana this year.

Crypto analysts have ranked Bitgert among the most explosive and rewarding coins in the market because of the massive developments coming up. Bitgert has also released a lot of development in the last few months.

The mass adoption of the gasless BRC20 blockchain, Paybrise, and zero trading exchange are just some of the factors making Bitgert a super attractive coin this month. There are also hundreds of projects and strategic partnerships that make Bitgert an ideal buy this month.

The bottom line is that Solana might keep surging for the rest of January if the bulls will remain strong. However, crypto investors are likely to make bigger profits from Bitgert (BRISE) in the next few months.

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