What Is the Future of EON?

Being untraceable, our EON cryptocurrency price prediction brings its future prices to guide your investment decisions if EON becomes available. 

Bitcoin has led the primary path for the evolution of the crypto industry, and EON seems to lead the rest of it. The crypto winter that kicked off in November 2021 and accelerated in May this year plunged several cryptocurrencies hard to the bottom line in the price chart, and EON is no exception. EON has created confusion among investors in taking appropriate investment decisions. Our EON price prediction aims to bring EON future price analysis, the average trading price, and investment opportunities so that you can get a better view of EON and consider whether to add it to your crypto investment portfolio or not. 

EON: A Quick Introduction

Bitcoin provided the crypto community with the taste of decentralization and its future path. Since then, many developers have been putting their efforts into evolving blockchain technology by modernizing the structure and adding more valuable integrations to the crypto sphere. EON has a significant contribution to the industry as it provides a trusted decentralized network. 

What Is the Future of EON?

EON’s network is flexible and fast and processes 1333 transactions per minute. EON’s developing team Dimension Chain has carefully planned for a long time and built a decentralized, de-finance, de-token, and high-performance blockchain network that does not require authorization. Dimension Chain or EON cryptocurrency executes its operations on the blockchain of other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum Blockchain or EOS Blockchain. Before digging further, let’s find out EON’s current market status to better clarify our EON cryptocurrency price prediction. 

Dimension Chain (EON): Working Module And Features

The infrastructure of EON is built on a simple core that works on a simple core mathematical algorithm to execute its functions. The whitepaper of EON states, “EON is a decentralized blockchain based-platform that provides an infrastructure for the Exscudo Ecosystem services. This platform is not meant to be viewed as an alternative to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoin, as it is designed for the execution of specific tasks of Exscudo. This fact determines the decisions made. For the realization of the platforms, approaches that have been tested in other existing crypto platforms are being used.”

Like other cryptocurrencies, EON transactions are stored in a sequence of blocks in its blockchain network. Each node makes a copy of the transaction and adds It to the preceding block. Each block has the capability to store up to 4000 transactions; however, the size can’t exceed 1Mb.

EON also keeps a note of transactions on the network as it recognizes a transaction when both the sender and receiver are registered with the EON network, meaning that a transaction will not be processed by the nodes when a sender tries to send crypto to an unknown wallet. EON also ensures end-to-end encryption as the network implements multi-signature authentication, which requires users to provide the required no of signatures or else the transaction will become invalid. 

EON Cryptocurrency Price Prediction: Price History

Before digging into EON price prediction, it is essential for investors to know about its price history to get a better view of its future prices and potential. However, it is to be noted that price history is not an indicator of our EON price prediction. 

EON went live in the crypto market with a price of $0.32 on 25 October 2019. However, the price consolidated in this range when it started falling in December. EON’s price touched a low of $0.27 on 27 December. The bearish trend of EON continued and worsened in 2020 as it traded at $0.23 on 6 March 2020. EON saw more price dips over time and reached $0.12 on 10 April.

The price went to the bottom line in the price chart as it touched $0.01 on 5 June. However, EON made a pullback and reached $0.07 by 31 July. The price of EON consolidated in a range-bound area between $0.03 and $0.05 throughout the year. As the coin is not listed on exchanges, there is not enough data to get further price history. 

EON Price Prediction By BlockchainReporter

EON Price Prediction 2022

According to our EON cryptocurrency price prediction for 2022, EON is predicted to attain a maximum price of $0.5 with an average trading price of $0.36. EON crypto can go as low as $0.2.

EON Price Prediction 2023

Our EON price prediction for 2023 expects a maximum trading price of $0.8, with an average trading price of almost $0.6. EON might retrace downward with a minimum price of $0.4 by the end of 2023.

EON price Prediction 2024

The fundamentals behind developing the EON project are bright and overwhelming. Our EON price prediction for 2024 predicts that the token might continue its bullish momentum, and EON is potentially projected to achieve a maximum price level of $1.3. EON might record a low of $0.9, with an average trading price of $1.1.

EON Price Prediction 2025

Our EON price prediction for 2025 suggests a minimum value of $1.6 and a maximum value of $1.8. EON price forecast for 2024 predicts an average trading price of $1.7.

EON Price Prediction 2026

If EON gains a position in the market and becomes traceable, EON may witness an exponential rise in 2026 and bring a significant return on investment to its long-term holders. Our EON price prediction for 2026 expects a maximum price of $2.9 with an average trading price of $2.4. EON may trade at a minimum value of $2.2.

EON Price Prediction 2027

Over the next five years, the crypto market may bring optimistic hope to the world. Our EON price prediction for 2027 anticipates that EON may attain a maximum price of $4.7. EON may trade at an average price of $4.5 with a minimum value of $4.1.

EON Price Prediction 2028

Our EON price prediction 2028 analyses that EON may reach a maximum price of $8.2 and an average trading price of $7.9. The minimum value for the EON cryptocurrency is forecasted to hit $7.4.

EON Price Prediction 2029

Our EON cryptocurrency price prediction for 2029 expects a maximum price for this coin to be $11.6 and a minimum price of $9.4. EON may reach an average value of $10.4.

EON Price Prediction 2030

If EON continues its bullish momentum and the crypto market favors it, we can see a maximum price level of $16.7 with an average trading price of $13.4. However, EON is projected to hit a minimum value of $12.6 by the end of 2030.

EON: Reason Behind Being Untraceable

Since its launch in 2017, EON has gained investors’ attention with its futuristic roadmap. However, EON suddenly disappeared from the crypto market without any prior alert. There is no proper reason behind its sudden disappearance when investors and traders were looking forward to it with great investment goals. Moreover, the official website of EON also became inactive, and the reason might be an exploit or hack. There are rumors that the network behind EON could not issue new coins, which led them to shut down the EON project. 

Another possibility behind the inactivity of EON is that it might become a dead coin. A dead coin in cryptocurrency refers to digital assets that have become inactive, lack funding, have less liquidity, or have been hacked. Our above EON cryptocurrency price prediction will only become valid if EON again gains the market’s attention and becomes active. However, it is advised to do research and conduct experts’ opinions and investment advice before investing in the volatile crypto market. 

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