AMAZON will announce some new products that have yet to be released during a virtual event that has been scheduled for later this month.

The online retailer will be announcing new hardware, features, and services on September 28.

Warning NOT to buy any Amazon gadgets as company teases huge news before Christmas


Amazon will be announcing new products in late SeptemberCredit: Getty
Wait to hear the new line up from Amazon before you shop for the holidays


Wait to hear the new line up from Amazon before you shop for the holidaysCredit: Getty

The invite-only virtual event will reveal what Amazon has been working on to the media.

While no specific products were mentioned, ZDNET, a tech outlet, has made some predictions.

Amazon will probably announce more Echo devices, improvements to Alexa, and maybe some new home security services such as new Ring devices.

Since Amazon already announced the refreshed Kindle e-reader earlier this month, a new base model Kindle is not in the cards, according to the outlet.

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However, a new Kindle Oasis with USB-C is much overdue, ZDNET said.

At a similar event a few years ago, Amazon announced a microwave equipped with Alexa and a clock that used timers you set via Alexa.

There is no telling what Amazon has in-store after debuting quite innovative products in years prior.

For example, last year, Amazon released it’s Ring Always Home Cam which is essentially an indoor home surveillance drone.

However, this product isn’t practical for every consumer with a price of $249.99.

If you’re more of a bargain hunter, The U.S. Sun shared four secrets that will save you money on Amazon from a money-savings expert.

Becky, known as @freebielady on TikTok said to check Amazon Movers & Shakers, which is a page on their site that holds its biggest sale items over the last day.

Through the mobile app, you can also access Amazon Treasure Truck, if you subscribe for free.

According to Amazon’s website, the company searches for products that are trending or exclusive and alerts its subscribers about them.

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Amazon’s Warehouse program is also a useful service that “offers great deals on quality used, pre-owned, or open-box products,” according to the company.

If all else fails, check out Amazon Outlet. This is a section of the site that offers deals on items that are overstocked and need to be sold fast to make room for newer products.


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