US Travel Association Endorses FAA Task Force Bill

The United States Travel Association, which serves as the de facto marketing arm for travel to the U.S., has signed off on a proposal for a task force that will investigate how the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) communicates with airline pilots entering U.S. air space.

The powerful Washington D.C.-based group is urging for a bill to be passed in the House of Representatives and sent to the Senate called the NOTAM Improvement Act of 2023, clearly a response to the recent half-day meltdown when the FAA suffered a system-wide error and to shut down air traffic across the U.S.


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US Travel Association Endorses FAA Task Force Bill

“After the FAA communications system failure earlier this month, it left no question that significant upgrades are needed to modernize our air traffic system,’’ said Tori Emerson Barnes, President of Public Affairs and Policy for the USTA, in a statement.

“Americans deserve a travel experience that is seamless and secure from end to end, and our elected leaders must take immediate steps to course correct years of government inaction. We thank Rep. Stauber for introducing this important legislation to create a task force of experts and encourage the bill’s passage.

“U.S. Travel looks forward to continuing our work with Congress during the upcoming FAA reauthorization process to modernize the air travel system and create a better flying experience for all Americans.”

This is the kind of oversight that critics of the industry have been asking for.

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