U.Today Now Included in Algory’s Cryptocurrency News Aggregator

U.Today Now Included in Algory’s Cryptocurrency News Aggregator

Arman Shirinyan

News from U.Today now available for Algory aggregator’s users


  • Crypto news aggregator
  • Cryptoscanner

Algory cryptocurrency market scanner added U.Today to its own Cryptocurrency News Aggregator, which is part of the crypto scanner product that includes data from hundreds of sources, 16 leading cryptocurrency exchanges and has all imaginable filters for tracking real-time market data.

Crypto news aggregator

Algory’s news aggregator allows users to create their own set of sources that can include websites, famous Twitter influencers and accounts, YouTube channels and Reddit pages that contain information that helps investors to make decisions on the market.

If you are aiming at a specific type of alert, the aggregator allows you to filter incoming signals by type: news, events, airdrops, trading and so forth. If you want to be even more specific, you can track certain keywords in every presented content source, including social media channels.


The key feature of Algory is the cryptocurrency market scanner that can be precisely set up for your needs. After choosing an exchange and available markets, users can start setting up their signal feed, which includes various data and metrics like daily positive candle, bid/ask ratio and more.


All of the available data can be added to the filtering mechanism and then provided to traders in accordance with the alerts settings they choose. After the fitting signal appears, it gets sent directly to the scanner available on the main page of the analysis tool.

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