TV tonight: an electrifying reminder of Vivienne Westwood’s legacy | Television & radio

Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist

9.15pm, BBC Four

Following her death at the end of last year, this revisited 2018 documentary is an electrifying reminder of just how major Vivienne Westwood’s role in culture was. She was a rebel! A punk rocker! A campaigner! And as Kate Moss puts it in a rare interview here: “She was just like our queen!” As well as plentiful amazing video footage and anecdotes from industry talking heads, Westwood tells her colourful story in her own, equally vibrant words. Hollie Richardson

His Dark Materials

7pm, BBC One

“Would you like me to tell you how your daughter died or would you prefer to keep tinkering with your toys?” A fraught reunion between Mrs Coulter and Lord Asriel could weaken the war effort against petty deity Metatron, but as this lavish multidimensional fantasy rumbles ever closer to its climax, do not count young Lyra out yet. Graeme Virtue


8pm, ITV1

Brenda Blethyn’s beloved floppy-hat-loving detective Vera Stanhope continues to crack cases. Will she manage to identify the killer responsible for the body of the young woman who has washed up alongside the Tyne? Obviously, yes. She has, after all, had enough practice. Alexi Duggins

Happy Valley

9pm, BBC One

Oh Clare, how could you? After that painful confrontation between the two sisters in a cafe (some of Sally Wainwright’s most powerful writing yet), Catherine is about to have it out with Neil – say a prayer for him. Meanwhile in this simmering episode, will a curious Ryan go to see his dad in court or follow his gran’s wishes and stay well away? HR

The Warship: Tour of Duty

9pm, BBC Two

This six-part series jarringly juggles all aspects of life on board the HMS Queen Elizabeth during its first operational mission. One minute chef Ronnie laughs about it being “like the Big Brother house” and the next it’s time for enemy target practice. Before all that, though, the Queen flies in to wave them off on a seven-month voyage. HR

The Hillside Strangler

9pm, Sky Crime

Between 1977 and 1979 Los Angeles was rocked by a spate of sadistic serial killings, with the police under increasing pressure to find the perpetrator. This new four-part series explores how Kenneth Bianchi and his cousin Angelo Buono lured women and girls, aged between 12 and 28, to their deaths by posing as off-duty cops. Ali Catterall

Film choice

Schindler’s List, 10pm, BBC Two

TV tonight: an electrifying reminder of Vivienne Westwood’s legacy | Television & radio
Schindler’s List on BBC Two. Photograph: Album/Alamy

The TV week leading to Holocaust Memorial Day on Friday offers up several films exploring the subject, but few have had the popular impact of Steven Spielberg’s 1993 Oscar winner. It’s an unflinching, intensely moving tragedy, shot in crisp black-and-white, about Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson), a German businessman in Poland who exploits the free labour of the Jews of Kraków’s ghetto. Slowly, reluctantly, he finds a conscience and tries to save their lives in a heartbreaking true story. Simon Wardell

Live sport

Premier League Football: Leeds v Brentford, 1pm, Sky Sports Main Event At Elland Road. Followed by Arsenal v Man United at 4pm.

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