TV and Film’s Most Evil Tech Billionaires, Ranked

TV and Film’s Most Evil Tech Billionaires, Ranked


Hollywood has long funneled disillusion with the rich and powerful into film and TV, particularly onscreen villains. Charles Foster Kane had money but no joy in 1941’s Citizen Kane; Robert Redford wreaked havoc on a young married couple in  1993’s Indecent Proposal; Justin Timberlake insisted that a billion dollars was cooler than a million in 2010’s The Social Network, an eerie taste of what was to come from Facebook.

In more recent years, we’ve been inundated with projects that profile real-life tech titans, including WeCrashed, Dumb Money, Super Pumped, and The Dropout. But TV and film have also been overrun with fictional billionaires, bad guys who mirror divisive figures like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg. These characters sip green juice and wear loafers, their spiritual gurus and aerospace technicians on speed dial. The latest in this grand tradition is Jon Hamm’s Paul Marks, who has entered the third season of The Morning Show with cash to burn and controversial means of spending it.

Ahead, a ranking of TV and film’s most notorious tech billionaires, from the merely cartoonishly evil to the downright insidious. Warning: Spoilers for each of these titles abound.

10. The Guys Brooke Dates, The Other Two

Greg Endries.

In what may be TV’s most blatantly cartoonish homage to real-life billionaires, Heléne Yorke’s character, Brooke, briefly goes out with a billionaire (played by Bill Dawes) who is obsessed with fitness and has subjected himself to one too many cosmetic surgeries. Eager to flaunt his influence, the unnamed billionaire takes Brooke aboard his “Alpha Dawn” rocket. Regretting her decision mid-orbit, Brooke decides to take her dating game down a peg by dating a regular-schmegular millionaire (Paul Meyd). But the second he learns that his app has sold for an obscene amount of money, the millionaire morphs, Hulk-like, into a plumpy-lipped terror.

9. Craig Heidecker, Billions


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