Traditional roots music performer Nora Brown on her new record, Music Hall Lounge show

Nora Brown is only a teenager, yet she’s been playing banjo and guitar for over a decade. Putting her own spin on traditional roots music, Brown will bring her show (in duo format) to the Music Hall Lounge on Saturday, Aug. 27 in support of her new record, “Long Time to be Gone,” which will be released the day before the gig. Seacoastonline caught up with Brown to discuss the record, her youthful longstanding career in music, and much more.

Seacoastonline: Let’s trace some roots. You’re only 16, but you’ve already been playing music for a decade. That’s amazing. How’d you get your start? What was the experience that set the hook for you in terms of chasing music as a profession?

Traditional music artist Nora Brown will perform at the Music Hall Lounge in Portsmouth, N.H., on Saturday, Aug. 27.

Brown: I just turned 17 last month but I started playing old time music when I was 6. I came about learning it almost by accident, I ended up learning ukulele from a local teacher, Shlomo Pestco, who was a traditional music fanatic. He largely taught old time music with some blues, gospel and folky classics mixed in there. He was around for the folk revival in the city and was deeply dedicated to researching the history of the music, specifically the banjo.

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