Top Celebrity Puppy Names in the UK Revealed

Top Celebrity Puppy Names in the UK Revealed

Top Celebrity Puppy Names in the UK Revealed

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Forget Rover and Fido – more and more dog parents are naming their pups after famous figures. From the biggest names in soccer to prominent politicians, dog parents are turning to showbiz for naming inspiration.

British pet store chain Pets At Home carried out the research, and there were a number of surprises in store, the Telegraph & Argus reported. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson shares his name with over 1,200 pets across the UK. Meanwhile, Princes William and Harry have also seen their first names rise in popularity with pet parents. 

Top Showbiz Puppy Names

Almost 1,300 pet parents named their pets Elvis, presumably after the King of Rock and Roll. Meanwhile, 200 pets were named Wednesday, likely after the Addams Family character. 96 were named after Eleven of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown’s now-iconic character, while 75 and 43 pets have been named Messi and Ronaldo respectively. 

As you might expect, most pets take on just the first or last name of a famous person, but some have the full name. Indeed, a number of pets have been named Taylor Swift or Harry Styles in full after the megastar musicians. 

Pets At Home gathered the research through the 7.6 million members of the Pets At Home VIP puppy and kitten club in 2022. 

Dr. Karlien Heyrman, Head of Pets at Pets at Home, said: “When it comes to naming pets, there are no set rules.

“Names that are short, sweet, and easily recognizable will help with getting your puppy or kitten to be responsive when called. And I’d always try to avoid names that sound similar to other members of your household or like commands.”

The Most Popular Names

Pets At Home also shared the most popular puppy names of 2022 in the UK. Top of the list was Luna, with Bella and Teddy rounding off the top three. Milo, Lola, Coco, Daisy, Poppy, Buddy, and Willow made up the rest of the top ten. 

When it comes to naming your own pets, what do you go for? Do you opt for something more traditional, or choose the names of your favorite celebrities? 

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