Time Lapse Image Explains Why This ‘Beautifully Weird’ Butterfly Nebula Is Shaped Like This

Deep in space, a cosmic butterfly spreads its wings in what is regarded as one of the most magnificent cosmic structures. The Butterfly Nebula is located in the constellation Scorpius, approximately 4,000 light-years from Earth.

You may be wondering what makes this nebula so unique. When stars like the sun run out of fuel and expire, magnificent events like the double-winged nebula are formed.

Time Lapse Image Explains Why This ‘Beautifully Weird’ Butterfly Nebula Is Shaped Like This
Credit: NASA

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According to Space.com, the “wings” are actually the remnants of the star’s outer layers of gas, which were violently ejected into space hundreds of years ago when the star eventually ran out of nuclear fuel to burn and disappeared.

The star, which was once a powerful star, now smoulders as a tiny, wrecked white dwarf at the point where the two wings meet.

Astronomers have been trying to figure out why the Butterfly Nebula developed a distinctive insect-like shape for more than a century, whereas the majority of other nebulas extend into space in more orderly, circular patterns. Fresh hints are revealed by new time-lapse pictures.

According to reports, scientists have identified unusual new processes that are responsible for the nebula’s expansion by comparing two Hubble Space Telescope photos of the butterfly’s wings taken in 2009 and 2020.

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The scientists discovered evidence of six “jets” of powerful wind emanating from the nebula’s centre star that have been gusting incoherently and erratically for tens of millions of years.

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