Three gadgets to help you on your travels or blended working regime

Here are a few useful gizmos to bring with you on your travels or to the office that can make life a little easier.

The days of noisy taps and clicks are far behind with the new Trezo keyboard and mouse set. With silent keys and click buttons, Trezo offers ‘library quiet’ working combined with an eco-friendly, durable, and comfortable design.

Trust Electronics are a leading manufacturer of affordable digital lifestyle products, which includes a new wireless keyboard and mouse combo they call the Trezo comfort.

Designed with silent keys the Trezo is almost silent and lightweight making it ideal for transporting to the office. While I love using my mechanical keyboard at home, those around me in the office wouldn’t be so pleased with the loud clicking sounds. The Trezo is comfortable to type on and relatively quiet.

This product’s eco-friendly design begins with its construction, which uses 83% recycled plastic and is packaged entirely without the use of plastics that have earned the FSC certification. To further cut down on energy use, it also has an energy-saving on/off switch. Additionally, the keyboard’s and mouse’s batteries can last for up to 48 months and 12 months, respectively (batteries are supplied in the box).

Additional features include:

Easily accessible media and office buttons for improved productivity

Spill-resistant keys to protect the keyboard from tea, coffee, and other unexpected spills

Convenient on/off switch to save battery life

Fully wireless working with a 10-meter wireless range to work from a distance

Adjustable cursor speed of up to 1800 DPI for precise and accurate mouse movements

Ambidextrous mouse design allows ease for both left and right-handed users

Available now — €39.99

Docking Station

Three gadgets to help you on your travels or blended working regime
Sandberg USB-C All-in-1 Docking Station.

Another excellent accessory to bring to the office is a docking station. This allows the connection of all of your equipment to a laptop with just one USB-C connection. The docking station has three USB connections that can be used for a mouse, keyboard and external hard drive, among other things and three monitor connectors (HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA) that allow you to connect two screens at once. It also comes with a DisplayPort to mini DisplayPort adaptor, which is a useful addition.

The dock also includes an Ethernet port with Gigabit network support, along with a 3.5mm headphone port, SD and microSD card readers and a power connector for a USB-C power supply of up to 100W. It covers most of your needs while being small and light making it easy to pack away in a laptop bag for transporting.

The docking station is designed with a wedge shape with rubber pads on both sides which is ideal for lifting up your laptop slightly as well as providing the necessary grip to ensure it doesn’t move around during use. You don’t need any additional power, so there’s no need to carry around extra power bricks.

Sandberg is so sure of its products’ quality that both are double-quality tested and come with a 5-year warranty. €150.45

Powerful power bank

Excitrus 105W 18000mAh Power Bank Ultimate.
Excitrus 105W 18000mAh Power Bank Ultimate.

A good power bank is always essential and the new Excitrus 105W Power Bank Ultimate is made with support for PD (Power Delivery) and super-fast portable charging for laptops, iPads, iPhones and other USB devices.

I’ve tested the Excitrus 105W on a host of devices including the iPad Pro, iPhone, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch and several Android devices and laptops.

The majority of power banks have typically been made to provide “enough backup power for a mobile phone,” however this trend appears to be shifting to include “emergency power for a phone and a laptop.” It’s now necessary to have a greater power source that is portable and lightweight enough to be carried in a bag. The 105W is small enough to be portable and yet has enough battery capacity to power a couple of devices at once.

The Power Bank Ultimate is designed to have two independent output power sources through USB-C (87W) and USB-A (18W) and it has a capacity of 18,000mAh. It also supports Quick Charge 3.0 protocol for high-speed charging.

Because of this, Excitrus claim charging laptops with the USB-C socket (87W) and charging phones through the USB-C socket (18W) simultaneously won’t reduce their output power in any way. Like the original Apple power adapter, it can fast charge a MacBook Pro 13-inch up to 60% in one hour.

In my testing, I saw charging speeds of up to 87w when the power bank was plugged into my MacBook Pro and 39w on my Steam Deck, which goes to show it does exactly what it claims.

The Power Bank Ultimate promises at least 1,000 recharging cycles, which is three times as many as most other power banks and is made with A+ quality premium battery cells. For additional peace of mind, it has an 8-level safety protection system that prevents explosions or fires from damaging phones or laptops. These cover under-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, input overcurrent protection, output overcurrent protection, over-discharge protection, overcharge protection, output short circuit protection and input overcurrent protection.

The Power Bank Ultimate also has a Bluetooth device charging mode for charging an Apple Watch and wireless earbuds and includes a small digital display which shows the percentage of charge remaining on the power bank.

Two cables are included in the package — a USB-A to USB-C and a 100W USB-C to USB-C cable with a licensed E-market chipset inside to ensure safe and fast charge charging. Cables without the chipset are limited to a power delivery of only 60W max.

The only feature missing from the Power Bank Ultimate is support for wireless charging.

The Excitrus Power Bank Ultimate 105W is available now from Excitrus ($89.99) €85

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