This Weird Pillow Helps Me Fall Asleep In Seconds—No Matter Where I Am

This Weird Pillow Helps Me Fall Asleep In Seconds—No Matter Where I Am

I’ll let you into a secret to my productivity: Sleep, and lots of it. In addition to being in bed by 10:00 pm every night (but usually earlier), I swear by the restorative benefit of a power nap. Whether I’m feeling mentally sluggish or physically exhausted, a nap always helps me reset. When it’s go time, I find a comfy spot on the couch, set my phone timer for 25 minutes, and lastly, pop this weird, circular-shaped pillow on.

I’d heard of Ostrichpillow before, mostly from the unintentionally hilarious photos of models attempting to look fierce while wearing large, round hat-pillow hybrids. Ostrichpillow has myriad sleep products in signature soft, sculptural shapes ranging from ergonomic eye masks to memory-foam pillows to gently transport you to snoozeville. However, one product from the lineup really stood out to me: The Ostrichpillow Light. Designed as a more compact, portable version of the cocoon-shaped original, the Ostrichpillow Light looked perfect for blocking out light and muffling sound around me, but without any bulk. After it arrived, I was amazed at how light and squishy it was. (It’s like the grown-up version of a plushie.) After slipping it on and adjusting the tightness with the drawstring, I felt like I’d entered a cloud.


As soon as I put it on, I fall asleep within seconds. “The pillow creates a personal comfort zone when sleeping in away from home places,” describes one poetic reviewer. In addition to its light- and sound-blocking benefits, the Ostrichpillow Light has also made a name for itself as a travel MVP. (This is amazing news for someone like me, who isn’t a big fan of those curvy neck pillows.) “I’ve had the Ostrich Pillow for a few years and loved the feeling of it, but honestly never really could find much of a use for it, or muster up the confidence to wear it on a plane,” shares one Amazon reviewer. “Plus, it was a bit bulky to pack.” Here’s where the OstrichPillow Light truly shines: Not only does it work as a padded eye mask, but it can be worn around the neck to support and cushion the area. And as multiple reviews mention, it’s not one bit heavy or uncomfortable to wear. I can’t stand anything bulky around my neck — not even chunky jewelry — and the Ostrichpillow Light truly lives up to its name.


“As soon as I put it on, I fall asleep within seconds.”

karina hoshikawa, refinery29

When I say that Ostrichpillow has singlehandedly leveled up my nap and travel (and traveling nap) game, I’m not exaggerating. $45 for a glorified donut-shaped pillow is a bit pricey, but a much more palatable purchase than the $99 original Ostrichpillow. Besides, much like vacations and the occasional spa massage, investing in better quality sleep is one thing that never gives me buyer’s remorse. And as we enter prime cozy nap season, I for one can’t wait to truly get my money’s worth from my Ostrichpillow.

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