This Veil Will Stop Unruly Collar Stains

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We want a show of hands among anybody who has bought a new white shirt or turtle neck only to find it stained beige at the collar only a mere few days later? If that sounds like another day in your life, and you don’t want to spend another day removing makeup or foundation stains from clothes, we just stumbled across an iconic makeup hack to stop your foundation from getting everywhere but your face. Enter: LeurSoie’s makeup veil.

This Veil Will Stop Unruly Collar Stains

LeurSoie The Veil Champagne, $65

How does it work?

All you need to do is finish your full face of makeup as normal, and then when you’re ready to put your clothes on, you just pop the makeup clothes protector veil over your head and tighten the drawstrings lightly to ensure it stays in place. As you put your shirt on, it should glide right over the veil without collecting any foundation or powders on its way down. That way, your top remains unstained, and your face makeup also stays intact.

Now, for our fellow claustrophobic friends, we know it seems hellish to willingly put a bag over your head, but rest assured, this garment is made from 100% silk chiffon, so it’s highly breathable and light. You can also see out of it, so that might help you feel a little less trapped.

Why use it?

Now, we know you’re probably wondering why it’s not just easier to put your shirt on before you do your makeup? And yes, that’s generally the plan. But, this veil accounts for the times you might find yourself deciding you want to change your final look at the last minute or perhaps want to test another three shirts with your freshly-done makeup just to see which suits it best.

If you’re inclined to get your makeup done by a professional makeup artist, too, you’ll also know how beneficial one of these babies would be if you’re dressing into something with a high neckline or something that can’t go bottom-up afterwards — especially if it’s one you’ve rented because removing foundation stains from light-coloured clothing is a tough task.

Interested? You can get your hands on one of these makeup clothes protectors here. If you like to do your hair first, LeurSoie also has a bunch of hair bands on offer, so you can keep it out of your face while doing the rest of your routine.

Oh, and while you’re here, if you need help removing makeup or foundation stains from clothes before you start fresh with LeurSoie, this yarn is for you.

Happy shopping!

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