This tool offers over 100k AI-generated models for marketing use

The notion of free modeling has always been a virtual pipe dream for any fashion retailer. Generated Photos emphasizes the “virtual” part of that sentence while removing the rest, as long as retailers are okay with using AI-generated models of people who don’t exist.

Generated Photos is a company that, per its name, uses AI to create realistic-looking models of humans, encouraging customers to “use them wherever you want and don’t worry about legal stuff.” The company recently launched its line of made-up humans, but they also have a page dedicated to faces as well.

Currently, the models are free to employ in any capacity and without any arbitrary limits as long as proper credit is given at the time of use. The website details a myriad of different ongoing projects that credit Generated Photos, spanning from game development and retail to sex offender stings and indie projects.

It should be noted that the models themselves are fairly convincing. While AI still struggles with making eyes look entirely correct, everything else – from the proportions to the way different people hold themselves – seems realistic enough to pass all but the most intensive scrutiny (something of which most online shoppers are bereft).

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As with any conversation involving AI, there is a healthy amount of controversy around the concept of using computer-generated models to replace real people. One argument posits that AI-generated people will lead to actual models losing their employment, resulting in the topical concern of computers replacing humans.

On the other hand, the costs associated with hiring models can be astronomical, leading smaller companies to either use budget options or forgo the person behind the camera entirely. Having access to free model resources for their sales could help sustain a free market in the fashion atmosphere, something that has been notoriously gate-kept since its inception.

Generated Photos isn’t about to take a definitive side in this generally unwinnable debate; they’re just ensuring that their resources are available and freely usable with the proper credit.

In the future, the company plans to release “diverse” body types, ages, and a new variety of clothing for its generated models.

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