There’s been three different explosions”

For University of Georgia player Devin Willock and recruiting staffer Chandler LeCroy, Sunday should have been a day of celebration after winning the national championship. What happened instead was a tragic incident that claimed both their lives.

In Athens, on Barnett Shoals Road, they were involved in a horrific, fatal car crash. The frantic 911 calls from those who were there and called for help to arrive at the accident site have been released. They paint a harrowing picture of the nature of the crash and a mental image of the scene.

We have pieced together some of what was said, courtesy of TMZ. Note that some may find some of the conversations disturbing.

“There’s been a horrible accident. There’s arcing wires. There’s people on the floor. … We think someone might be dead. … There’s one person on the ground not moving.”

“There is a car wreck right outside of the door of my apartment.”

“There’s been a bad wreck. … I heard it, saw the lights. … Either a head-on crash or somebody hit a telephone pole. … All the electricity keeps exploding. … There’s no fire yet, but there’s been three different explosions. … Oh, my God, there’s another one!”

“There’s a power line down, and I just saw it explode behind me. There are people underneath it. I am not sure they are OK. We might need first responders.”

“We got transformers blowing. … We are shutting down the whole road.”

What does the crash report say about Devin Willock and Chandler LeCroy’s accident?

Based on reports, the details that have emerged say that their 2021 Ford Expedition failed to negotiate a left curve. It then struck the curb with its front passenger tire, leaving Barnett Shoals Road. It ultimately came up against an apartment unit, according to a crash report released by Athens-Clarke County police Tuesday afternoon.

It’s amazing anyone survived crash that killed UGA football player Devin Willock & staff member Chandler LeCroy. UGA OL Warran McClendon & staff member Tori Bowles were also in Expedition. McClendon was released from hospital. Bowles is listed as critical.

The Georgia Motor Vehicle Crash Report stated that excessive speed was a contributing factor in the crash. Devin Willock was reportedly not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. Chandler LeCroy was reportedly driving, and Willock was seated behind her in the passenger seat.

Our heartfelt tears and prayers for families, teammates and coaches of UGA OG Devin Willock and staff member Chandler LeCroy, who died in a car accident Sunday. Player Warren McClendon and staffer Tory Bowles were injured. This is so hard for everyone at UGA. Deepest sympathy.

The other occupants of the car were Warren McClendon and Victoria Bowles. McClendon occupied the front passenger seat, whereas Bowles was the other passenger in the rear and was not wearing a seat belt, either. McClendon is an offensive tackle for the University of Georgia, and Bowles is also part of the recruiting staff. Both were hospitalized with injuries after the crash.

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