The Perfect Travel Essentials

The Perfect Travel Essentials


After 10 years of marriage, my husband and I are finally taking a proper honeymoon. We’ve been flirting with the idea for years, but farfetched excuses coupled with legitimate commitments always got in the way. Until recently over coffee, we tried to talk ourselves out of it once again, but 90% of our go-to excuses failed to hold up. So, we pulled the trigger and committed to a 10-day Italian vacation (our originally intended honeymoon destination,until life events got in the way). To assuage any guilt for taking a nearly two-week jaunt, we are labeling it an “anniversary celebration.” Sounds more official, but really, it’s our long-lost honeymoon. And just like any typical honeymoon, we plan on spending an indulgent amount of time together. That time will undoubtedly be spent differently than it would have been 10 years ago. Less youthful hubris that our lives will go exactly as planned. More reflective storytelling, debates and discussions about our children, home and health. But the most eagerly anticipated activity on our itinerary is the time we’ll spend alone together in decadent silence. We’ve cut our teeth on late night talks and booze-led adventures over the years. Now, we get to look at each other, relax and be still. And if that’s all we accomplish on our honeymoon, it’s good enough for me.  

As for the journey itself, I needed some help getting ready. Unlike me, some folks are great packers. They actually love the process. For example, Roz, an associate at Weinstein’s, helps pack people for fun! She offers advice over a quick phone call to check the forecast of my destination; then mentally review the activities scheduled for the trip. This basic info, she advises, serves as a great outline for the main pieces to pack. For the flight she says, “I love pull-on pants with sneakers, a cotton tee and a pullover cashmere sweater.” She also loves a cozy wrap and/or scarf for fluctuating in-flight temperatures. She then cautions, “And honestly, whatever you wear on the plane, you will probably not want to wear it again on your trip (so don’t account for it elsewhere) until the flight home. It will be scrunched up from travel and remind you of jet lag.” And last but not least, Rimowa is her go to brand for quality, pretty luggage. 

My great friend Bridget Hoffman, a consultant with @viptravelexperts, loves a good cashmere set or shirt dress for the plane ride. She also offers, “tTese Frank & Eileen Billion Dollar Pants are so comfortable. They feel like leisure wear but look tailored enough to wear around town.” As far as luggage goes, like both my mother and mother-in-law, Bridget uses the Lipault soft rolling suitcase with the city plume bag atop. Besides looking good, the wheels are specifically designed to eliminate the need to tilt the bag to pull it with you. 

Another local planner, Jennifer Burck, helps families navigate family vacations for Castles and Cruises Travel Company. She tells me she loves to travel in a cozy set. Brands like Marine Layer andLululemon are an easy option. She laughingly cautions, “Be careful which color you choose though, so you don’t get mistaken for a flight attendant.” Jennifer’s go to luggage right now is the twill carry-on set from Mark and Graham. 

Overseas travel can be stressful, so my hope is this piece helps eliminate any unnecessary packing mistakes. I’ve dreamed up a few travel outfits from local stores to serve as inspiration. Now, I must say, bon voyage or rather in Italian, buon viaggio! 

Cardigan Coat, Angelique
Lou Lou Studio Shirt, Weinstein’s
Joe’s High Rise Cargo Pant, Saks Fifth Avenue
Marni Tote Bag, Joseph
Golden Goose Sneaker, Weinstein’s 

Brunello Cucinelli Skirt & Sweatshirt, Saks Fifth Avenue
Air Pod Rope Chain, Tapper
Wrap, Tasc Performance
Les Sab Barbiers Bag, West London Boutique
Walker V Strap 2 Sneaker, Varsity Sports
Acne Scarf, Saks Fifth Avenue 

Dress, Light in the Box
Eilleen Relaxed Button Up Shirt, Febe
Nili Lotan Jenas, Weinstein’s
Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere Vest, Saks Fifth Avenue
Communitie Cashmere Scarf, Weinstein’s
Sneakers, Weinstein’s 

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