The Investment Coach Helping Simplify Stock Market Investing for Novice Investors

FLOWER MOUND, TX / ACCESSWIRE / November 30, 2022 / The news headlines that we see about the volatility in stock markets, and the crypto crash has given the general perception that investing in such a risky scenario is best left to experts. Investment coach and owner of the Happy Investment Method, Angela Matthews, is seeking to change this perception, through her company, and help ordinary people create wealth through long-term investment. She has developed proprietary courses to simplify basic investing principles for novice investors so that they receive optimal returns from their savings.

The Investment Coach Helping Simplify Stock Market Investing for Novice Investors

Most people feel that they lack the financial expertise and knowledge needed to invest in the stock market or other assets for wealth creation. Humans are risk-averse by nature. When markets are volatile, new investors panic and sell off their stocks to conserve their capital. Angela Matthews, however, feels that this is the best time to invest as it is possible to buy stocks at discounted rates and benefit from the upsides in a subsequent rally. Angela has benefited greatly during downturns in the stock market when she bought stocks like Apple and Citibank at discounted prices.

Angela started her own investment journey during one such downturn, in 2008. While a lot of people sold off whatever stocks they had during the recession, Angela held on to the ones she had. She then bought more shares of companies, which prior to the crisis, she was unable to afford. Typically, a downcycle is followed by a boom in two or three years. This is why, at a time when most people were fearful, Angela chose to be optimistic. She identified this downturn in the market as an opportunity for extreme growth. As a passive, long term investor, she knew that over time, things would get better. Eventually, the economy recovered and her patience paid off. After that, she never looked back. This is how she embarked on her career as an expert in personal finance.

Angela launched the Happy Investor Method signature course in 2017. The course serves as a boot camp for investment novices who think that investment is a complex process for which they lack expertise and time. The course covers the basics of investing, like when to buy and sell, how to place orders, the use of algorithms to invest and the difference between mutual funds and stocks. Through a proprietary methodology called the Belt Methodology, Angela simplifies technical analysis for clients and teaches them how to analyze companies. Instead of using complex charts and candles, line graphs are used for technical analysis. All of the students are encouraged to set up dummy accounts for practicing investment strategies before they put any money into the market.

Said Angela Matthews, “The key to successful investing is to understand a few basic strategies and implement them in order to build wealth over the long term. Everyone’s investment journey is different based on their income, their liabilities, their emotional baggage and attitudes to money. Their investment goals differ. Some people want to invest to save for retirement. Others might have short-term goals like paying off their mortgage or student loans. Each person should have a signature strategy based on their unique needs and goals and it should be as unique as their DNA. This is why I called my course the signature course. Our goal is to make investing easy and accessible for everyone. Investing is not complex or mysterious, but no one is born knowing how to invest either. They have to be taught the basic principles in a way they can understand easily.”

Angela’s second course, called ‘More money leverage’, which was launched in 2020, is for those who are already familiar with the basics of investing and have a fair amount of disposable income to invest. It walks them through techniques to leverage their savings to build wealth by investing in alternative assets like angel investing and long-term passive investing. By the time they complete this course, investors are equipped with the knowledge to put their money to work and build more wealth.

Angela’s clients range from professionals who want to clear their student loans as fast as possible and build wealth, to retirees who have realized that they need to work extra hard on building a nest egg. They are all people who have the nagging sense to do better financially.

Concluded Angela, “Through the strategies that I developed, I went from having a debt that ran into six figures and an annual income of 40k to living a secure, debt free life and working on my own terms. There are many people in this world who are struggling to make ends meet while working 60 hour weeks, just like I did. My investment journey really changed everything for me. With our courses, my goal is to help others replicate my success, so that they can build wealth in the long-term. Thousands of people have benefited so far from our courses. If I can do it, anyone can.”

About Happy Investor Method

Happy Investment Method is a method that was developed by Angela E. Matthews, a DIY investment coach and strategist with the goal of making investing accessible and fun for all. An experienced investor and investment trainer, in addition to developing and promoting her investment courses, Angela has conducted many workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching sessions with thousands of individuals and businesses from all walks of life.

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