The Experience Economy sees Boat Rental Popularity Soar

The Experience Economy sees Boat Rental Popularity Soar

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Windsor/ Essex Boat Rental Service Thriving Amidst Pandemic and Inflation as People look for Experiences, not Ownership.

People see fabulous images of boating on social media and dream about being out there. Now it’s easier than ever to rent a boat or jet ski online”

— Dean Taylor

WINDSOR, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 22, 2023 / — The experience economy is a term used to describe the shift from traditional product-based economies to economies based on the sale of experiences. The idea behind the experience economy is that people are increasingly looking for unique and memorable experiences, rather than just buying tangible products or making significant investments to try something out, such as boating which was once a sport only available to the wealthy.

The experience economy has grown in recent years, as people are looking for new ways to spend their time and money. From cars to vacation rentals and even boats.

RAW Watersports, based in Windsor/ Essex County, Ontario Canada, is one such company that prides itself on providing EPIC experiences on the water with boat and jet ski rentals as well as guided tours and captained excursions without the hassle of boat ownership.

“Experiences have become an important part of our lives that are now easily accessed by most” says Dean Taylor, owner of RAW Watersports. “Today, people want to try new experiences that are designed to be memorable, meaningful and of course…instagramable, without making huge financial commitments”

One of the reasons for the growth of the experience economy is the rise of social media. Social media platforms have made it easier for people to share their experiences with friends and family, and this has led to a greater demand for experiences.

The experience economy has had a significant impact on the travel and tourism industry. With the pandemic and inflation of late, many people are looking for vacation options and things to do that are close to home. So tours, short-term vacation rentals and boat rentals have become very popular options.

“People see fabulous images of boating on social media and dream about being out there. Now it’s easier than ever to rent a boat or jet ski online” says Taylor, “renting a boat versus owning one is a wise decision that will save you money and headaches.”

One of the main benefits of renting a boat is the flexibility it offers. Renting a boat allows you to try out different types of boats and styles of boating without committing to a long-term purchase. At you can rent for as little as 2-3 hours or you can rent for extended periods and tow a boat or jet ski to a favourite lake anywhere in Ontario, which can be a great way to explore new waterways and boating destinations.

Another advantage of renting a boat is that it eliminates many of the financial burdens that come with owning a boat. When you own a boat, you are responsible for the cost of the boat itself, as well as ongoing expenses such as insurance, maintenance, and storage. Renting a boat eliminates these costs, as the rental company takes care of them.

Renting a boat is a great option for those who want flexibility and convenience or are just unsure if they will like the sport. RAW Watersports offers in-water rentals on Lake St. Clair from the Puce River Marina as well as trailerable rentals, which can be taken anywhere in Ontario. The company has a wide selection of late model Sea Doo personal watercraft, pontoon boats as well as fishing boats.

In conclusion, the experience economy is a growing trend that has impacted many industries and has changed the way we consume and spend our time and money. As people are looking for new and unique experiences, companies are responding by offering innovative and memorable experiences. The trend of the experience economy is expected to continue growing in the future, as people are increasingly looking for ways to make their time and money more meaningful and enjoyable.

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