“That’s so weird he gave me the pursed lips”: Drew Barrymore Recalls Bizarre Experience of Kissing Co-star Who Was Her Boyfriend, Says Onscreen Kissing is Weird

American actress Drew Barrymore has had a great career in the Hollywood industry. The actress gained popularity as a child actor and went on to enjoy her peak of success between the late 90s and 2000s. Not just a successful career, but she is also known for her personal relationships. Her relationship with Luke Wilson was quite in the news which gained further limelight when she mentioned him in recent years.

“That’s so weird he gave me the pursed lips”: Drew Barrymore Recalls Bizarre Experience of Kissing Co-star Who Was Her Boyfriend, Says Onscreen Kissing is Weird
American actress, Drew Barrymore

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Recently, the actress opened up about kissing her ex-boyfriend on-screen. However, her experience was not what she expected at the time even, though they were dating each other.

Drew Barrymore Opens Up About Kissing Her Then Boyfriend, On-Screen

Drew Barrymore
Barrymore opened up about her experience kissing her former beau on her show. 

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On Friday, the 47-year-old actress, Drew Barrymore was asking Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard about the claims, his co-star, Millie Bobbie Brown stated about him being a lousy kisser. While the young actor shared his experience, the Charlie’s Angels actress went on to share hers.

She recalled a bizarre experience of kissing her then-boyfriend, Luke Wilson, on-screen and it didn’t go as well as she thought it would.

She shared,

“I was excited because I was going to kiss my boyfriend at the time on screen, Luke Wilson. And I was like, this is going to be great. And then he kissed me in a scene. Like, I thought this was going to be different.”

She had a “weird” experience as Wilson gave her an innocent peck on the lips.

“Yeah, yeah. And I was like, oh, that’s so weird. He gave me the pursed lips. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I even give open mouth, you know?” 

She then shared that on-screen kissing is rather a “weird world” before claiming it to be mechanical.

Drew Barrymore’s Young And Wild Days With Luke Wilson

Drew Barrymore and Luke Wilson
Charlie’s Angels star along with her former boyfriend, Luke Wilson

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The former couple dated each other from 1996 to 1998. Last year, the actress sat down with her friend Kate Hudson on her show, The Drew Barrymore Show, where she opened up about her relationship with the actor.

Sharing about her “Young and Wild” days in the industry, she stated,

“I was dating him, but I think he was also dating other people,” adding, “It was an open relationship, we were young.”

She further continued,

“It’s so funny because when you’re young, you’re like, ‘It’s low stakes, we’re just young. We’re having fun, we’re all playing, actors, hanging out.’”

They indeed had “the best time” with each other. Even after their breakup in the late 90s, the pair were friends with each other.

Source: The Drew Barrymore Show

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