Synido introduces Voice 100 and Live 100 audio gear

Synido introduces line of audio gear for beginners

Synido introduces Voice 100 and Live 100 audio gear

Synido is an audio brand that is committed to designing products to help the modern day user navigate and create content without high costs or extreme technical know how.  Through it’s recently launched Voice 100 and Live 100, users will be able to easily navigate and operate their gear, allowing for efficient content creation.

For the brand, 2021 was a significant year as Synido decided that they would focus their efforts on building their own audio brand.  With the unveiling of the the Voice 100 and Live 100, the company is providing cost effective solutions for recording audio and creating projects for users.  The Synido Voice 100 is a small yet powerful audio interface, offering users simple control features, a variety of inputs to allow for both XLR and 1/4″ recording as well as as USB connections for cell phones and other smaller, electronic devices.  With a retail cost of just $99, this audio interface is a great way to begin voice recordings or start a podcast.

Synido also has released its Live 100, a more heavy duty audio interface option that offers more features and upgraded design that is available in either purple or black iodized aluminum.  Offering users the ability to connect up to four microphones, this small but powerful audio interface is great for podcasts and live broadcasts, as it boasts a wide variety of customizable options for quick work flow.  With real-time monitoring, DSP noise reduction, one-click mute & ducking, voice changing, and digital reverb, users will be able to produce high quality content with only the features contained in the unit.

Synido Live 100

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Finally, Synido will continue to build upon it’s line of products as it looks to further carve out its niche as a leader in audio and podcast needs.  Part of the plans will be to launch Synido Livemix in the near future, another affordable and compact platform for users to record podcasts and deliver high quality audio for their content.


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