Study Reveals Where In Europe Travel By Train Is Faster Than By Plane

In a study conducted by the vacation planning website Omio, rail and air travel were compared based on several variables to determine whether routes by train are really faster than by plane.

The duration of the trips, the distance of the airport/train station from the city center, the minimum check-in times, and even the amount of carbon emissions generated by each mode of transportation were included in the study.

The study discovered 27 European train routes that were faster. Let’s have a look at some of the more popular ones:

London to Paris: Time Saved – 108 minutes

Traveling by train from London to Paris takes 136 minutes while flying takes 70 minutes. When you factor in airport wait times and the distance passengers must drive to reach the airports in both cities, rail travel is a terrific option.

A one-way Eurostar ticket from London to Paris in the spring costs $84, while the cheapest same-day ticket on British Airways costs $122.

Study Reveals Where In Europe Travel By Train Is Faster Than By Plane

Frankfurt to Cologne: Time Saved – 124 Minutes

The train ride from Frankfurt to Cologne saves travelers almost 2 hours! High-speed trains in Germany are excellent, and there are currently no direct flights between the two cities. This means that it will take you 30 minutes longer by plane than by train because you have to catch a connecting flight.

You can buy a train ticket between the two places on a Saturday in January from Deutsche Bahn for less than $20. The fastest flight connection we could track down for the same date is with Lufthansa, which stops in Munich for an hour and 20 minutes and costs $232.

London to Brussels: Time Saved – 136 minutes

A train ride from London to Brussels takes 121 minutes, but a flight takes 65 minutes. However, if you allow at least 90 minutes to check in at the airport and 117 minutes to get to and from the airport, the train comes out ahead.

The best deal we found was with Eurostar. On a Saturday in June, a one-way ticket costs $79 and includes two pieces of luggage and a carry-on, as well as free Wi-Fi. Tickets can be purchased online, by phone or in person at the station. A nonstop British Airways flight for the same date costs $66.

Rome to Naples: Time Saved – 87 minutes

A train ride between the Italian cities of Rome and Naples takes only 20 minutes longer than a flight, and both cities have stations that are extremely close to city centers, while getting to airports is not as convenient.

Trenitalia takes passengers from Rome to Naples in 2 hours and 44 minutes for less than $15. A 50-minute ITA flight between the same places costs $98.

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