First trailer released for Celebrity Treasure Island 2022. Video / TVNZ

When Mike King intrudes on Celebrity Treasure Island this week, it will be a family reunion — not just with daughter Alex, but with “aunty” Melodie Robinson too.

Mike was Robinson’s marriage officiant at her wedding to Marcus Wheelhouse and 24-year-old Alex sang at the nuptials too.

“Mel is like an aunty to me and reconnecting all these years later was an awesome experience,” Alex tells Spy.

She says her father and her are team Mel all the way and they absolutely love her.

“Dad and Mel are both huge personalities so viewers can expect a lot of undercover planning and strategic gameplay. I am just the messenger for the two of them,” says Alex.

Mike enters camp surprising his own daughter and tells Spy he saw it as the ultimate family prank. “I mean, seriously, how many people get to punk their own child on national television,” he says.

He is proud of his daughter and not just for her career in entertainment, which she entered after two years studying law before starting out in radio, then acting and most recently singing. He loves that she is her own person and fiercely independent — whil3 also unafraid to show her vulnerability.

Alex is equally proud of her father, explaining what it was like having her dad on the road with comedy shows and taking on more TV work to make sure there was always extra bread and butter on the table. “He made a lot of sacrifices so my siblings and I could live a better lifestyle than how he grew up,” she says.

Alex is even more proud of her dad’s work with mental health after his comedy career. Alex’s chosen charity is her dad’s I am Hope, while Mike’s is Gumboot Friday, the offshoot of his charity raising money for quick, free child counselling.

Mike promises to stir things up on the show, so which brand will he bring — comedian, mental health campaigner or dad?

Alex and Mike King. Photo / Supplied
Alex and Mike King. Photo / Supplied

“I wasn’t on the show to make friends, I want to win for my charity,” he says.

“There are the oldies like me, who have been around the clock and are coming back for one last hurrah, and the newbies who see this as an opportunity to make a name for themselves,” he says. “I just wanted to have fun toying with the newbies while creating as much mayhem as possible.”

He says, at 60, his body isn’t what it used to be so what he lacks in physical presence he makes up for with mind games and cunning.

“I think viewers will find it fun to watch,” he says.

Alex says she made friends and is now close with entrepreneur Cassie Roma and Shortland Street star Courtenay Louise.

“I love both of them,” she says.

“I care for everyone. I have walked away with some incredible friendships. I think our season got along really well. We all became mates and still chat in our group chat every now and then.”

While it might be Mike’s swansong as a celebrity, Alex is just getting started. Within a year she hopes to be working on set, acting and creating more music.

“Singing and acting have always been my passions and I hope to live them out while continuing to live authentically and diving deeper into what makes me tick.”


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