Slipping a hip to the music

Slipping a hip to the music

“You do know that ‘Dance Like Nobody Is Watching’ is just a saying, right? To live your life to the fullest, you don’t have to actually dance…”

That’s the first thing I shouldn’t have said just before my loved one, who had one hip replacement and is trying to get her last dollar’s worth out of the other one, decided that the band we were listening to was lively enough that she needed to get up with our friends and dance in the sand at a beach concert.

The second thing I shouldn’t have said, but still blurted out after she came back to her chair, noticably limping, was just an ill-timed observation.

“You know people are watching you…”

More intelligently, I just nodded “OK” after she sat down and said, “We’ve got to go; I don’t know if I can even walk to the car.”

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