Shreveport musicians releases music video filmed at The Strand Theatre

Shreveport musician Landon Lloyd Miller has released the music video for the title track from his debut solo album, “Light Shines Through,” that was filmed at The Strand Theatre.

Miller grew up surrounded by music while attending his father’s church and with his mother, who was a traveling Gospel choir director. Miller learned to play the guitar, piano and drums in addition to running tech for theatre productions.

Miller used to be the front man of the Shreveport “space western” band The Wall Chargers before taking the leap to produce “Light Shines Through,” which came out March 4, 2022. The album was recorded at Hermit House in Shreveport and produced by Miller and Josiah Rambin. It showcases songs about vulnerability and life created by a musician who’s experienced a lot of both and serves as a reminder that when the darkness creeps in, the light will always shine through.

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During the 2020 pandemic, Miller was sad to see The Strand out of commission and decided to reach out to see if his previous employer would allow him to use it as the backdrop for his music video.

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