Saints Row (2022): 5 Hilarious Weapons, Vehicles & Gadgets You Need To Get First

Saints Row (2022): 5 Hilarious Weapons, Vehicles & Gadgets You Need To Get First


Hoverboards, golden dump trucks, punch-gloves and more. Check out where to find these absurd upgrades.

Saints Row (2022) is a series all about excess. Excessive violence. Excessive speed. Excessive jokes. It’s all over-the-top insanity, and while the newest entry in the series seems like a down-to-earth return to the original grounded setting — far away from the Matrix parodies and space exploration of the previous games — it is just as absurd if you know where to look. To get you started, we’re going to share our favorite five discoveries from the early game. These are wild weapons, wacky vehicles, and bizarre gadgets that you’d never expect to find. These are the weapons that surprised us the most. Here’s how to find them.

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Pugnus Sanctus Dei

Visit the St. Thomas Corvacho Church hidden history in East Providencia and Meeker Square in Old Town West. Check the gallery above for map locations.

The Pugnus Sanctus Dei is one of the most absurd weapons you can get — it’s two spring-loaded boxing gloves you can punch people rapidly with. It counts as a melee weapon but can be used at a pretty good range. This thing is goofy and somehow extremely useful. And you’ll never run out of ammo!

Golden Dump Truck

Going dumpster diving isn’t pointless. Dive into four hidden golden dumpsters (pictured above) to piece together the Gold Dump Truck — one of the silliest vehicles you can grab right at the start of the game.

The Gold Dump Truck is a perfect tool for plowing through police barricades. It is armored, slow, and a total wrecking ball of a vehicle. We really just love it for the color. Who doesn’t want a gold car?

Quantum Aperture

Complete the EUREKABATOR! mission in Smelterville West. If you follow the main story, you’ll eventually unlock these side-quests automatically. Follow them to get new unique rewards.

This bizarre and high-tech cooldown power generates a shield that lets you see through walls. Shooting through the shield increases the damage of weapons — and lets you shoot through walls. One of the wildest and most OP skills you can get, especially early in the game.


Another EUREKABATOR! mission. Follow the questline in Smelterville West to get this hilarious sticky bomb.

The funniest special weapon is a rocket-powered football. Throw it at enemies to stick onto them, then watch as they fly wildly in the sky before exploding into fireworks. The flashiest bomb we’ve found so far.


The final EUREKABATOR! mission unlocks this vehicle. Is it useful? Who cares. It’s a hoverboard.

Live out your hoverboard fantasies with this unlockable “vehicle” — you can jump, ride down slopes, and just have fun hovering around like a fool. It isn’t nearly as good as the other two skills, but we love it anyway. Get it!

There’s a lot more fun stuff to find — shooting galleries, secret cars and Red Faction Easter eggs. Check back soon for more discoveries!


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