‘Sabotage!’ – BBC blasts pornographic audio on live TV before Liverpool vs Wolves

BBC endured an audio mix-up in its pre-match FA Cup coverage on Tuesday, with pornagraphic content blaring on the broadcast.

  • Studio hosts struggled to hold it together
  • Gary Lineker identified “sabotage”
  • Went on for at least five minutes

WHAT HAPPENED? BBC’s coverage before Liverpool’s third-round FA Cup replay against Wolves was marred by explicit audio on live TV (NSFW clip here).


It’s the magic of the Cup…

BBC reaction 1Twitter

And the studio coverage had everyone tuning in.

BBC reaction 2Twitter

Many fans saw the funny side of it.

BBC reaction 3Twitter

WHAT’S NEXT FOR BBC? Surely an apology and investigation are imminent, even if many viewers were more amused than offended.

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