Ross Kernez, Founder of SEO Meetup, talks about how SEO can change the game of digital marketing – News

Ross Kernez, Founder of SEO Meetup, talks about how SEO can change the game of digital marketing – News

With over a decade of experience, he has excelled as a digital strategist and digital marketer and explains how SEO is an integral part of digital marketing.

Published: Mon 22 Aug 2022, 11:10 AM

Last updated: Mon 22 Aug 2022, 11:11 AM

Today it is more than essential to shine more light on the many industries that have been on a path of constant growth across the world. The success these industries and the many businesses in them gain can be attributed to several reasons, which include the relentless drive, passion, and commitment of a few astute professionals and entrepreneurs. Yet no one can deny how the advent in technology has made possible the tremendous amount of success these industries have gained over the years. Points out Ross Kernez, a Founder at SEO Meetup, digital marketer, and digital strategist.

He highlights how digital marketing is powerful enough to grow brands and businesses, and how Search Engine Optimization (SEO), can bring your marketing efforts to new levels. Thus, it is an integral part of digital marketing, and many companies have been using SEO to improve their digital marketing position. It is all about elevating a website, person, or brand’s visibility by increasing web traffic and conversion rates of the sites. This results in a well-ranked website, subsequently resulting in more visitors.

Ross Kernez also speaks about how SEO is used as a marketing tool rather, a tool that is an integral part of digital marketing itself as it helps in increasing the reach for a particular brand, optimizes a web page, and makes it more engaging for the end-users. The Founder of NYC-based SEO Meetup, a growth marketing professionals’ group is open to all those that want to learn about digital marketing, says that SEO has various impacts on digital marketing, which he points out below:

  • Increases web traffic: SEO increases the visibility and ranking of websites, which gives them a prominent place on any given search engines’ results page, staying toe-to-toe with their competitors.
  • SEO increases conversion rates: With quality traffic, businesses begin to see their conversion rates and subsequently their revenues begin to increase.
  • Builds credibility: Higher ranking websites which appear on the first page, gain trust from users as they are highly visible on the search engines. This results in an increased credibility of the brand or business.

Ross Kernez as an American digital marketer, mentor, community builder, and author who also serves as the Director of Search Marketing at HPOne and is a member of the American Marketing Association, can’t emphasize enough the importance of both SEO and digital marketing in creating a success story for people and brands in the modern-day business world.

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