Rose and Gold Agency expands their content department to provide clients with the latest 2023 marketing trends

Rose and Gold Agency expands their content department to provide clients with the latest 2023 marketing trends

Owners, Erin Rosario and Julie Duff

EAST LONGMEADOW, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2023 / — Rose and Gold, a digital marketing agency located in Western MA, has expanded their content development department to provide clients with the latest 2023 marketing trends.

Staying ahead of new trends and strategies keeps their clients at the top of their industries and increases ROI.

One major expansion was in the social media department. In 2022 and moving forward, consumer use of social media as a search engine will be a common theme. More specifically, TikTok and Instagram have become top competitors with Google for searches.

Creating value-based content is essential, and easily searchable videos and posts will lead the way for consumers to consume content.

Rose & Gold has also expanded their motions and video departments to create compelling video content for its clients. Video marketing continues to be one of the top marketing trends in 2023. Reels, TikToks, and video ads are gaining significant traction with digital consumers.

In addition, social media platforms like Instagram continue pushing this content and curating feeds to favor reels and videos. While static posts still have their place, motion graphics and video are essential to any marketing plan and growth strategy for brands.

Rose & Gold currently has 18 team members who provide expert strategy, social media, graphics, design, motion graphics, video, copywriting, and more for their clients, and they will continue to expand departments, provide education and training, and add new services as marketing solutions for current and new clients.

“As we move into 2023, our agency is grateful for our amazing clients and dedicated team. We are excited about the new and innovative marketing strategies and capabilities we are able to implement with our growing departments. Since we opened our digital doors in 2018, we have been committed to embracing new trends that continue to emerge and offering them to our clients for their continued success, growth, and increased revenue.” – Owners, Erin Rosario and Julie Duff

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After seeing the need for customized and strategic marketing solutions, Erin Rosario and Julie Duff founded Rose & Gold in 2018. They set out to create a digital marketing agency for brands that want more from their marketing and their marketers. However, Rose & Gold is more than just an agency. It’s a foundation for passionate marketing, people-first priorities, and industry-leading marketing strategies.

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