Robert Pattinson’s Next Film Continues His Weirdest Movie Death Trend

Robert Pattinson’s upcoming role in Mickey7 continues a bizarre death trend that has followed the actor’s most iconic roles. Mickey7 is a sci-fi movie adaption of the original novel of the same name, in which notable actor Robert Patterson will be starring in as the titular character. In the book, Mickey7 is an “Expendable” sent to help colonize a planet, who is able to regenerate after death and retain most of his memories while doing so – something that has already happened six times before the plot begins, hence the number attached to his name. Understandably, this detail complicates his life throughout the book.


The premise looks to set up a quirky if somewhat brutal impending sci-fi treat, in many ways continuing the trajectory of Robert Pattinson’s movie career. While the actor became known for his role as the romantic lead in the Twilight movies, and his brief but memorable role in the Harry Potter series, recent history has seen Pattinson take on more unusual roles, such as his performances in the mind-bending Tenet and the genre-bending experience that is The Lighthouse. However, all of these Robert Pattinson movie roles share one common trait that manages to be surprisingly common for the actor’s movie appearances.

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This is namely the trend of so many of Robert Pattinson’s main or major character roles seeing him die in the plot in notably weird ways. Cedric Diggory famously dies in complicated circumstances in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, Neil technically dies but doesn’t immediately due to complicated temporal shenanigans in Tenet, and Pattinson’s character in The Lighthouse is shown facing an unusual and traumatic demise at the end of film, though it’s kept ambiguous as to what amount of the events shown are in fact real. Robert Pattinson’s movie role as Edward Cullen isn’t exempt from this, either, given he is technically dead when the audience first sees him in Twilight, as he is an undead creature – a category defined as formerly alive humans – and notably has no pulse. Mickey7 is a continuation of this trend, as Pattinson’s main character earns his name from his previous six deaths, which is unusual even by the general metric of the actor’s previous roles.

Why Robert Pattinson Dies So Often In His Movie Roles

What is perhaps most fascinating about the fact that Robert Pattinson dies so often in his movie roles is that this identical event happens for so many different reasons, and reflects so many different eras of his career. Diggory’s death reflects his beginnings as a household name – with Robert Pattinson cast as a notable character, but one without a huge amount of screentime. Edward Cullen’s undead nature is used to add an edge to the romance series by making him a unique character who is already long-suffering by the time the audience are introduced to him. Neil’s death in Tenet showcases the sci-fi elements of the movie well, and the brutal ending of The Lighthouse serves as a suitable payoff for the surreal horror-esque atmosphere the movie builds throughout its course.

For some actors, playing a series of characters who face similar fates can suggest they have played basically the same role in different movies and shows. For Robert Pattinson, this is reflective of a lively career that spans a range of different roles and genres. Mickey7 should only continue this trajectory, hopefully paving the way for further exciting and unusual characters to be played by the former Twilight star.

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