Ridge Stone Capital Announces Financial Education Seminars on Credit and Leasing for US and Canadian Businesses

Ridge Stone Capital (RSC) is offering a series of educational seminars across the US and Canada,Ridge Stone’s objective is to improve US and Canadian entrepreneurs’ and small to mid-sized business owners’ understanding and awareness of their credit and leasing options.

Ridge Stone Capital

Ridge Stone Capital Announces Financial Education Seminars on Credit and Leasing for US and Canadian Businesses

Ridge Stone Capital was founded by business owners who know first-hand how time-consuming and uncertain the business loan process can be. You may be wondering if your credit scores are good enough, if you have enough collateral, or if you’ve been in business long enough. And that’s where Ridge Stone Capital can help.

Newport Beach, CA, Jan. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — About the Seminars

Attendees will gain knowledge and understanding of small business loans, equipment financing, and lines of credit in the US and Canada.

A Ridge Stone Capital management team member states, “the financial education seminars will offer insight into how small and mid-sized businesses can optimize cash flow while keeping track of income and expenses.” Additionally, “attendees will get to learn strategic growth principles and also look at how to implement them to manage their businesses in a better manner.”

Facilitators will guide participants through various loan alternatives and the necessary processes for acquiring their funding.

Interactive Sessions

Discussions regarding advanced topics like diverse financial instruments and terminology are open for participation by all.

For instance, attendees will refine their understanding of critical topics like daily/weekly/monthly repayments, interest payments, revolving lines of credit, credit considerations, and collateral.

Credit Scores

Personal and business credit scores are consequential, affecting the interest rate of business loans. These programs focus on the importance and methods for bettering and sustaining this essential financial data point in both countries.

The Market

Ridge Stone Capital states that the market is shifting towards recovery, with the possibility that it may occur relatively quickly.

Participating entrepreneurs will have sufficient time to develop their mission, craft strategies, and develop a plan to acquire their goals for the remaining months of 2023.


Subsequent to their attendance, entrepreneurs from the US and Canada will acquire a solid understanding of the process from beginning to end.

Why Ridge Stone Capital?

  • Ridge Stone Capital celebrates its “unmatched ability” to gain approval for A – D credit quantities. By carefully dissecting available products, Ridge Stone Capital financial experts usually acquire acceptance within 12 hours of their first application.

  • The RSC management team states, “given the effect that COVID-19 has had on several businesses, we at Ridge Stone Capital understand that a significant number of business owners are making preservation of capital their top priority.”

  • Entrepreneurs working with RSC will benefit because “borrowers get to hold on to their capital and seek loans or leases that may vary in amounts from a relatively low $10,000 to significant $10,000,000.”

  • The team at Ridge Stone Capital will answer all questions and address all queries regarding the pursuit of credit or financing for small to mid-sized businesses, from start-ups to successful enterprises.

  • RSC offers a variety of funding alternatives at highly competitive rates.

About Ridge Stone Capital

Ridge Stone Capital (RSC) offers equipment leasing and financing options, specializing in business loans and lines of credit.

Entrepreneurs can apply for leases and loans up to $10 million with terms up to 84 months and beyond. And lines of credit up to $500,000 are also available.

RSC offers American and Canadian business owners access to much-needed capital and assets while saving their cash for new projects and opportunities. Acquiring adequate financing facilitates smoother operations and unencumbered growth by securing credit lines of up to $250,000 with highly competitive rates in as little as 30 minutes.


CONTACT: Ridge Stone Capital Management Team Ridgestone Capital (877) 999-4589 [email protected]

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