Retirement Strategy: 4 More ETFs For Adding A 10% Yield To Your Portfolio

Recently, I wrote an article about 4 ETFs that could potentially fit into your retirement portfolio that also happen to yield more than 10% right now (you can find it HERE). The key factor among them was that they were relatively conservative income-generating strategies. Two used covered calls to generate high yields. One invested in a diversified portfolio of closed-end funds. The fourth focused on traditionally higher yielding preferred securities.

This batch of four that I’m going to examine are a little more volatile. They mostly target narrower markets and niches and that can mean those 10%+ yields come at the expense of a little more risk. The good news is that they can make great portfolio diversifies and potentially reduce your overall risk level, but individually they can be a bit of a wild ride. That’s important to understand if you’re a retiree and relying on your nest egg to pay the bills.

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