Refurbished tech – what to look out for before buying

Refurbished tech is often overlooked in the race for the latest laptop, phone or tablet and can include refurbished Apple devices, refurbished phones and refurbished laptops. But as the cost of living crisis continues to affect many of us, buying new technology can seem like an expense we just can’t afford at the moment. However, if the laptop or smartphone you rely on breaks, you may not have much choice.

However, there is a way to get hold of devices without paying over the odds for them. Buying a refurbished laptop, the same product you’re looking for as new, can save you some hefty cash. Now, don’t think that buying refurbished is simply getting second hand products. While buying second hand – or used – devices is another fine way to save money, you’re buying them ‘as is’, with all the signs of wear and tear included.

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