Refersion Launches Amazon Connect, Expanding Affiliate Marketing Capabilities for Ecommerce Brands on Amazon and Shopify |

Refersion Launches Amazon Connect, Expanding Affiliate Marketing Capabilities for Ecommerce Brands on Amazon and Shopify |

An industry-first solution by Refersion, Amazon Connect unlocks affiliate marketing growth for multi-channel ecommerce brands on Amazon and Shopify.

NEW YORK, Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Refersion, a leading performance marketing platform, announced the launch of Amazon Connect, the first-of-its-kind Affiliate Marketing solution for ecommerce brands on the Amazon Marketplace. With 1.9+ million selling partners on Amazon and 500,000+ brands worldwide enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry Program, Refersion’s new integration allows Amazon Brand Registered Merchants to manage affiliate and publisher promotions of their Amazon storefront products within the Refersion platform. Designed to address growth needs for ecommerce brands selling on Amazon and direct to consumer (DTC) platforms like Shopify, Amazon Connect by Refersion is the only end-to-end affiliate marketing platform that integrates with Amazon Marketplace and direct to consumer (DTC) platforms like Shopify and more.

With U.S. affiliate marketing spend expected to top $8 billion in 2022, running affiliate campaigns is now a standard practice for ecommerce brands looking to offset rising costs of advertising and increased competition for organic rankings within Amazon Marketplace. “Ecommerce brands that sell on Amazon typically overspend on promotional services to boost product sales with pay-for-exposure rather than pay-for-conversion, meaning ROI is not guaranteed,” said Michele Harman, Product Marketing Manager at Refersion. “By adding Refersion’s audience of affiliates and publishers based on performance based conversions, ecommerce brands on Amazon can earn up to 5X ROI on the Refersion Affiliate Marketing Platform.”

Ecommerce brands in search of a solution to scale their Amazon sales through affiliate marketing can rely on Amazon Connect by Refersion to build profitable affiliate relationships and enjoy increased sales with higher organic product search ranking. Through the customization and automation features in Refersion’s platform, merchants gain the ability to create custom commissions and rewards for affiliates in search of direct partnerships. With new affiliates driving high-converting external traffic, ecommerce brands reap the benefits of improved organic page rankings.

Amazon Connect also provides ecommerce brands with a higher ROI opportunity and more competitive commissions for affiliates. Instead of paying per click with Amazon’s Sponsored Products services, Refersion empowers Amazon sellers to pay per conversion and gain the opportunity to generate more than 5X their overall platform ROI. Similarly, brands can leverage Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus, a 10% commission on organically generated conversions in Amazon. Amazon will pay merchants 10% commission of the cart, allowing them to pay their affiliates more and attract top affiliate talent, while enjoying Amazon’s high checkout conversion rates, 10-15% for Amazon vs. 2% for DTC ecommerce platforms.

Amazon Connect by Refersion, is the easiest and most cost effective way for Amazon brand registered ecommerce brands to scale their storefront revenue. Partner directly with top performing publishers and affiliates to pay less for conversions, drive more sales, and track it all in a simplified and streamlined affiliate marketing platform. With paid media acquisition facing headwinds and lack of targeting due to privacy issues, Amazon Connect by Refersion helps brands scale a 5x ROI sales channel with top performing affiliate programs.

Ecommerce brands on Amazon and direct to consumer (DTC) ecommerce platforms looking to accelerate their affiliate marketing programs can learn more here.

About Refersion

Refersion, the leading performance marketing platform, accelerates influencer and affiliate marketing program success for thousands of ecommerce brands like Princess Polly, Magic Spoon, Goorin Brothers, Barstool Sports, Bosch and Blenders Eyewear. Refersion connects affiliate marketing programs on the Amazon Marketplace and Shopify powered direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels with new and profitable customer audiences and unlimited affiliate recruiting, promote unlimited and advanced affiliate offers with up to 5x ROI, and save time with automated affiliate workflows powered by direct and scheduled affiliate payments, and integrated tax management.

Refersion’s affiliate marketing technology drives ecommerce growth for performance marketers with industry-leading first party affiliate tracking and performance insights. We connect multi-channel brands on the Amazon marketplace and major ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Shopify Plus (Certified), BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Stripe, and more. Refersion, an Assembly company, is headquartered in New York City.

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Refersion Launches Amazon Connect, Expanding Affiliate Marketing Capabilities for Ecommerce Brands on Amazon and Shopify |

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