Read Carrie Ann Inaba’s Personal Update Making ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Emotional

Carrie Ann Inaba is starting 2023 with new changes.

Just two months after Dancing With the Stars crowned its season 31 winner, the TV personality is reflecting on all the choices she has made in her life in a new Instagram post. Posting a photo in a white blazer and black pants, Carrie Ann took the time to note how appreciative she is of every decision she’s taken — despite there being many ups and downs.

“As the years pass, and people we know and love come and go, and as the days continue to move quickly, I sit and reflect on this thing called life,” she wrote on January 11. “And no matter how you look at it, it’s such miraculous thing. To be alive is a gift … Sure, some days it can be confusing, frustrating, devastating, uncertain and all the ‘things.'”

The Disney+ star added: “But no matter what happens, it keeps on going. Just think about that. No matter what… It keeps on moving… and we keep on moving with it. As we continue in this flow of life, we are given the gift to make choices every moment of every day. The flow is not in our control — that belongs to the higher powers that be. They keep it going. But the choices we make are our own. And that is powerful.”

Without skipping a beat, followers immediately empathized with the former The Talk host after she bared her feelings on social media. Many took to her comments section with heartfelt and supportive words.

‘Dancing With the Stars’

'Dancing With the Stars'

“Sending you long warm hugs [Carrie Ann]. Just because,” one person wrote on Instagram. “I’m so inspired by you. Thank you ❤️🙏🏻,” a different follower responded. “Sending all those positive vibrations right back to you. You’re an inspiring artist and human being. What you see is what you are ❤️,” another said.

Given how Carrie Ann has experience major personal moments over the last few years, it makes sense why she would take the time to think about this new stage of life. Some of these changes include longtime co-star Len Goodman retiring from Dancing With the Stars, learning more about her multiple health issues and breaking up with boyfriend Fabien Viteri. But she’s not letting that stop her from trusting her decisions.

“I didn’t always feel like everything was my choice,” she concluded on Instagram. “But I do now, and I appreciate it more and more as I’ve gotten older. Sometimes the choices can be scary to make, but if we make no choice, we can get lost. I’ve learned its better to make mistakes [than] to not move at all.”

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