Producers plan to combine an extensive evergreen library with original content for a curated smorgasbord of diverse travel experiences.

NEW YORK, Feb. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AIM Tell-A-Vision® Group (AIM TV), producers of the nation’s most-watched travel show, Raw Travel®, announced today that at the end of their current Season 10 in September 2023, the show’s library of 200+ episodes, “Raw Travel Rebooked” will continue to air on select broadcast stations for Seasons 11 and 12 through 2025. 

Additionally, the producers have announced plans to continue to produce a limited number of unique “one-off” original episodes, which will circulate into the “Rebooked” episodes. 

“With our library of 200-plus, mostly-evergreen episodes, we can cycle one show weekly for four years without repeating. The ability to curate content from our library means viewers will see extraordinarily diverse travel experiences from scores of destinations. One week we can showcase urban exploration in Asia, the next backpacking in Africa or Latin America, and the next, an R.V. Road Trip in the USA,” said Robert G. Rose, Executive Producer and Host of the series.

“We plan to supplement this diversity,” Rose continued, “with brand new content from a very selective pool of potential destinations. Without such intense deadlines, our team can become even more committed and diligent with creative, entertaining, and inspirational storytelling.” 

In addition to creating new episodes, the producers plan to support enhanced marketing and grassroots promotion with never-before-seen content such as international segments, web-cut extras, producer commentary, did-you-knows, behind-the-scenes and refreshed content.

Raw Travel’s Season 10 is currently watchable on an all-time high of over 200 TV stations in 180 cities representing over 96% of U.S. television homes. Incumbent stations have the first right of refusal to carry “Raw Travel Rebooked” along with the limited roster of originals. 

For Season 10, Rose filmed on-location in Poland and Ukraine in June 2022 to profile the many big-hearted volunteers making a difference. Raw Travel continues its support of Ukraine by partnering with Care4Ukraine.org and “Keep The Kids Learning” to provide medical and other lifesaving supplies and help Ukrainian refugee children stay in school. Rose is planning a return film trip to Ukraine this summer. 

Over its ten seasons, the show has raised funds and highlighted dozens of non-profit organizations helping the unhoused, orphaned children, people with disabilities, displaced refugees, etc., as well as encouraging earth stewardship, sustainable living, and travel with a purpose. 


Raw Travel is an adventure travel & lifestyle series showcasing socially and environmentally aware, independent travel. The series weaves together themes of eco-tourism and voluntourism (giving back) with underground music and authentic culture in a unique way. Each weekend the show is seen in 180 U.S. cities on major broadcast affiliates and several international territories (Asia, Africa, Europe…). It can also be found on several major airlines. AIM Tell-A-Vision Group produces the show and oversees its domestic and international distribution. Visit RawTravel.tv for more information. 


AIM Tell-A-Vision (AIM TV) Group is an independent production, content, and distribution company founded by media veteran and entrepreneur Robert G. Rose. Since 2000, AIM TV has been producing and distributing positive, compelling content that reflects a mission of presenting “Media That Matters.” Visit AIMTVGroup.com for more information.

SOURCE AIM Tell-A-Vision Group


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