Playboy Model Hieke Konings Kisses And Tells On Leonardo DiCaprio

Playboy Model Hieke Konings Kisses And Tells On Leonardo DiCaprio


Playboy model Hieke Konings can be counted among those who aren’t into Leonardo DiCaprio.  The 22-year-old claims to have had an encounter at a nightclub with the 49-year-old actor, known for dating young models, that left her saying he’s “too weird and too old.”

The March cover model talked about her interaction with DiCaprio, which according to her, included an unimpressive make-out session.  Hieke said it all went down in a club in Los Angeles.

She’s kissing and telling about her encounter with DiCaprio now to grab attention for her cover.  It’s working, Hieke’s story is making the rounds.

“It was in a secret club in LA, one of those clubs where you can only get in by invitation,” she told Playboy.  “I saw him sitting there in his black hoodie and black cap, and we made eye contact.”

The eye contact led to an invite to his table, which Hieke accepted.  Once at DiCaprio’s table, she put the moves on the actor, and they started kissing.

“We kissed for a while, and then he asked me to come home with him,” she claimed.  “I said no.  He reacted very shocked.  Of course, he wasn’t used to it.”

“When I said I didn’t know him well enough, he responded sweetly, ‘I respect that.’  Whereupon he turned to another girl and took her home!”

Playboy Model Hieke Konings Had More To Say About Leonardo DiCaprio

Sources disputed Hieke’s claims, telling Page Six, “This story is an amalgamation of other false stories,” and that it’s “clearly an approach for clicks [and] publicity.”

Mission accomplished, and she wasn’t finished with her “amalgamation” about what she says is “definitely not the best” kisser.  Hieke had more things to say about the award-winning actor.

“I had heard from other girls that he could be very strange,” she said.  “For example, one friend said he kept his earphones in during sex because he didn’t want to hear her – and another said he even put a pillow on her head.”

She added, “No, Leo is too weird and too old.”

DiCaprio’s going to be just fine, even with another bad review being tossed his way.  Did it actually happen or not?  That’s for others to decide, maybe in a courtroom, if it goes down that road.

Both scenarios are plausible, especially given his affinity for models in her age range.


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