Pinwheel Rotation strategy in Warzone

Pinwheel Rotation is a game-winning strategy in Warzone whereby players move in a spiral or pinwheel motion as they move from one zone to the next. This increases their chances of winning the match by avoiding all unnecessary confrontations while also maintaining a good kill count.

Warzone Season 5 has been out for a while now, and brought about a plethora of new additions and changes to the game. The final season update called Last Stand brought many iconic villains from the series back to the Warzone. Apart from these, a new community event called Heroes vs. Villains event was also introduced.

All these new changes and additions have brought about an influx of new and old players alike to the game. As they battle it out to be the last man standing, Pinwheel Rotation strategy will definitely help with wining matches.

Everything to know about the Pinwheel Rotation strategy in Warzone Season 5

Pinwheel strategy in Warzone involves players moving along with gas. The trick is to hold the edge of the gas zone to prevent enemies from entering the safe zone.

They will be trying to make it into the zone in a hurry, and if they find someone waiting to ambush and prevent them from going into the safe zone, they won’t have a chance.

However, players’ movement cannot be linear as it highly increases the chances of being shot from the back as they hold the circle’s edge.

Pinwheel Rotation in Warzone (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pinwheel Rotation in Warzone (Image via Sportskeeda)

Their movement will therefore have to involve a circular or spiral motion. So let’s say players start at Point A, then as soon as the next circle appears, they will move spirally through the edge of the circle to Point B. When the next circle appears, they will need to move to Point C and so on; this process is to be repeated till the end game.

This ensures that they are effectively clearing their backs as they circle around until they reach the final zone. So, the engagements will only occur in one direction, reducing the chances of players getting shot in the back.

This strategy is highly effective and ensures the safety of the player as well as guarantees kills against enemies. This strategy, however, isn’t quite the best way to play out Warzone in Trios or Quads. Having said that, being in Duos or Solos, this method works great and most certainly can provide a win if done correctly.

However, this strategy might fall short if someone’s looking over the edge of the circle from a distance with a sniper. In such scenarios, players must find proper cover that exposes them to only one angle, before sitting down to hold the circle entry.

There are various other strategies and techniques to have an edge over enemy players in the game.

Movement techniques such as slide cancellation can enable them to escape unfavorable situations or even chase down enemy players. It also provides them with an edge to win gunfights in the game, especially close-quarter engagements.

Warzone has different terrains where different weapons and strategies shine. But Pinwheel Rotation is a fundamental tactic that will work across most battle royales today.

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