Pink Television trend is perfect for playing throwbacks

Pink Television trend is perfect for playing throwbacks

It’s never a bad time to listen to some throwback songs, and TikTok is playing them loudly with this virtual pink television.

The pink TV filter perfectly gives off the vibes of a teenager’s room from back in the day. Users are reminiscing about listening to songs they weren’t supposed to listen to or just having a personal concert. The filter is doing its job, and TikTok is going through the archives to put great songs on the screen.

Setting up this retro filter is as easy as jamming to your favorite old-school song. The filter is from Cap Cut, a video editing app that you can link to your TikTok. Currently, over 98,000 people have used the effect.

“A song I had no business singing on the playground in the 6th grade,” said @_sdoggydog1 in her video, referring to 2007s “Rock Yo Hips” by Crime Mob.

“6th grade try the 1st and thinking they were talking about candy & honey buns,” said @spoiledserena in the comments. The lyrics played in the video were, “Now, I got 32 flavors of dat booty-licious bubblegum / Raspberry, grape, cherry / Come and get this, honey bun.” Although the lyrics aren’t the most child-friendly, people still remember having a major attachment to the song at a young age.

“Bonus points if you made it the ringtone,” chimed in @_iconick.

The filter fits the throwback aesthetic so well that people use it to remember iconic commercials as well.

Tay (@fmg._.tay13) went into the Nike commercial vault and pulled out this LeBron James ad from 2006.

“Everything LeBron says is iconic bro,” said @bdogmarshall.

We’ve seen vintage items come back into style this year, and throwback songs and commercials are just another part of the retro revival.

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