People Say This TikTok-viral $8 Goo ‘Works Like Magic’ to Remove Dirt From Every Crevice of Their Cars

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They’re calling the easy-to-use gel “one of the best purchases I’ve ever made from Amazon.”

People Say This TikTok-viral  Goo ‘Works Like Magic’ to Remove Dirt From Every Crevice of Their Cars

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Embarking on a road trip can be thrilling: hours of quality time in the car with people you love, gas station snacks, and an array of unfamiliar views. But less thrilling? Spending time in a dusty, dirty car. You wouldn’t want to travel on a dingy airplane, so why look at your vehicle any differently while you prepare to hit the road?

Thankfully, Amazon shoppers have found a solution you can count on. The best-selling Pulidiki Car Cleaning Gel that has earned more than 34,100 perfect ratings is currently on sale for just $8, so you don’t have to give in to breathing dusty air throughout the duration of your travels. Not to mention the gel went viral on TikTok, with one user calling the cleaner “an absolute game changer.”


To buy:, $8 (originally $12)

Great for cleaning air vents, steering wheels, cup holders, and other hard-to-reach compartments in your car, this eco-friendly, reusable gel tool picks up dust and other particles that may be in your vehicle. All you have to do is press the gel into any cracks or crevices that you want cleaned, and the sticky surfaces will remove dust for a spotless car.

Stowed in a sealed box and fit for multiple uses, this dust-cleaning gel also functions as a keyboard and computer cleaner, giving you access to small crevices that may build up dust. Not only can this gel clean out your air vent for fresher airflow throughout your ride, but it can also reach those tricky areas in your cup holder that a paper towel just doesn’t clean.


To buy:, $8 (originally $12)

Road trippers everywhere swear by the Pulidiki Car Cleaning Gel to spruce up their vehicle after a long ride. One shopper revealed that they “recently took a road trip” resulting in “crumbs everywhere.” However, the gel “cleaned it all up easily and picked up all the dog hair and dust as well,” noting, “It totally works.” Another vacationer wrote, “[It] was amazing to clean up the dust and crumbs in the car following a family road trip,” calling the gel “awesome.”

Other shoppers were impressed by the efficacy of the gel, with one customer explaining that it “gets up all the dirt and random crumbs that somehow make their way into every crevice that I didn’t know was there until it filled itself with dirt,” even going as far as to call it the “best stuff ever.” Another customer called it “one of the best purchases I’ve ever [made] from Amazon,” sharing that it “picks up everything.”


To buy:, $8 (originally $12)

Even in comparison to vacuums, shoppers swear this gel is more effective at cleaning their car. In fact, one customer raved that it “works like magic,” adding, “I’ve vacuumed and used air hoses on my car consoles and they never get it like I want it,” continuing, “I rolled it around and it got every bit of dust.”

There’s no reason to make cleaning your car more difficult than it needs to be, especially after finishing a road trip. Right now the best-selling Pulidiki Car Cleaning Gel is on sale for just $8, so you can forget about dusty air and simply enjoy the ride.

At the time of publishing, the price started at $8. 

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