“Not really sure what to do, just doing the best I can”

Russell Westbrook was interviewed after the LA Lakers’ 106-104 defeat against the Portland Trail Blazers. The LA Lakers just recorded their third loss in a row and it seems that the team doesn’t have the answers to secure the win.

A reporter asked Russ about his performance and how he felt about getting defended by several LA Clippers centers inside the paint in their last game.

“Yeah. Not really sure what to do, just trying to do the best I can,” Westbrook said.

One can tell from his response that he’s getting drained from the Lakers’ current situation. He must be hearing a lot of dissing recently considering how poorly he has been performing.

What’s weird is the fact that he had a great start against the Golden State Warriors in their game opener. He ended the game with 19 points and 11 rebounds, shooting an efficient 58.3% from the field.

Now, all of a sudden, he went back to becoming the infamous “Westbrick”. He promised LA Lakers fans that he’d be showing improvements this 2022-23 NBA season. However, any significant improvement in his game from last year remains to be seen.

Russell Westbrook’s inconsistencies

He had everyone fooled at first, but his flaws were immediately exposed in the Lakers’ games against the LA Clippers and Portland Trail Blazers. Russ scored only two points and shot 0 out of 11 from the field against the Clippers.

To be fair, Westbrook did have five steals in the game. Even so, he’s expected to be the third option for the Lakers team, especially with the hefty amount of salary he’s receiving. Instead, Lonnie Walker became the answer to the team’s problems and he’s only receiving a minimum salary of $6.47 million.

Russ has also made several poor decisions this year combined with his inaccurate shooting. He has only made three of his 17 jump shot attempts this season. He is also the only player that has attempted a jump shot with under 30 seconds to go on the match clock and more than 15 seconds on the shot clock.

Russell Westbrook has made 3 of 17 jump shots this season.Also, he is the only player that has attempted a jump shot with under 30 seconds to go and 15+ seconds left on the shot clock with their team up by 1 possession in the last 4 seasons. https://t.co/DrH8UEs2L9

Russ underperformed against the Trail Blazers as well, scoring only 10 points, accompanied by 26.7% FG, shooting only 4 out of 15 attempts. He says that he’s doing his best, but his game doesn’t seem to be in tune with his words.

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