NFL Wife Is Furious With Jeffree Star Over ‘NFL Boo’ Drama As Her Husband Is Being Linked To Makeup Influencer – OutKick

Aw hell naw, Jeffree Star!

That’s the message out of the NFL wives’ camp as the drama surrounding the makeup mogul hooking up with a six-foot-six NFL player has taken a dramatic twist. Over the weekend, Star teased a gay relationship he’s having with an NFL player and at first, it was all fun and games for the Internet community.

Then Internet Investigators® started naming possible suspects and NFL wives flipped TF out as their husbands were being linked to Star.

Heather Pocic, the wife of Cleveland Browns offensive lineman Ethan Pocic, was the first to step up — and she was joking, but as you’ll soon see, there are wives are are seriously pissed off at Star — and say NOT MY HUSBAND.

“Since apparently my husband name is on this list of guesses I’ll go ahead and let y’all know Ethan Pocic is married with children! And has been a with us the entire off season! But I’m here in the comment section to see who these FBI agents think the player is!” Heather wrote Monday night on Star’s page.

NFL Wife Is Furious With Jeffree Star Over ‘NFL Boo’ Drama As Her Husband Is Being Linked To Makeup Influencer – OutKick
Jeffree Star is causing drama with NFL wives over his ‘NFL boo’ social media posts which have caused Internet Investigators® to name a bunch of possible suspects who could be hooking up with the makeup mogul. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

HAHAHAHAHA…let’s have some fun here…it’s all good.

The fun and gay games came to a halt later Tuesday afternoon as the mood quickly changed with other NFL wives.

Saryn Anderson, the wife of Carolina Panthers defensive end Henry Anderson, fired off a direct message to Star that was revealed Tuesday afternoon. Saryn’s husband was named by the investigators and she is fuming mad.

“I’m getting harassed bc my husband is in the NFL and ppl think it’s him. Please stop,” Anderson wrote to Star.

Aw hell naw! We have an old-fashioned queen-off.

“OMG now the #NFL wives are coming after me!!!,” Star tweeted back. “Girl…Don’t be so insecure. I don’t mess with married men (kisses emoji).”

“I’m not a shady bitch,” Star added in an Instagram follow-up video.


Ladies, specifically Saryn, you can’t be so insecure. I don’t want to get too deep into this Jeffree Star non-troversy — I will because people click on this stuff — but if your husband is sitting there at home during the offseason playing PGA Tour 2k23 and people online are tagging your husband as a suspect who is hooking up with Jeffree at his Casper, Wyoming ranch, you should be laughing.

You should be reacting like Heather Pocic.

This is a very bad look from Saryn.

Don’t be Saryn.

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