Nathan Fielder, Emma Stone Are Weird House Flippers

Nathan Fielder, Emma Stone Are Weird House Flippers

Nathan Fielder, Emma Stone and Benny Safdie star in the new trailer for Showtime’s bizarre, home-flipping comedy series “The Curse.”

Fielder and Stone play a newly married couple, Asher and Whitney, who are the hosts of a house-flipping TV show and also trying to conceive their first child. Their lives and careers are turned upside down after they become cursed by a child.

The trailer begins by showing the odd nature of Asher and Whitney’s show, as they flub voiceover narration and fix up impoverished houses. “This isn’t your typical, home-flipping show. My homes are reflecting the local communities. And we’re husband and wife. So what could go wrong?” Stone says ominously in the trailer.

Things quickly go wrong when producer Dougie (Safdie) instructs Asher — who insists that he’s a good person — to give $100 to a girl while the cameras are rolling. After they get the staged shot, Asher asks for the money back, but the girl refuses. After Asher snatches back the money, the girl puts a curse on him. The tension and absurdity increases as Fielder is seen pouring Gatorade on his head, Whitney meets a screaming woman in a teepee and gunmen arrive at one of their houses. With their marriage and show crumbling, Asher wonders if everything is happening for a reason.

“The Curse” premieres at the New York Film Festival Thursday night and will stream on Paramount+ With Showtime on Nov. 10. It will then air on Showtime on Nov. 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

The cast includes include Barkhad Abdi, Corbin Bernsen and Constance Shulman. “The Curse” is a co-production of Showtime and A24, with Safdie and Fielder as co-creators and executive producers. Fielder also serves as a director. Stone executive produces alongside Dave McCary and Ali  Herting  through their Fruit Tree banner. Josh Safdie also executive produces through their Elara banner.

Watch the trailer below.

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