M’sian Says Instead of Giving Kids Gadgets to Keep Them Quiet, Parents Should Just Slap Them

M’sian Says Instead of Giving Kids Gadgets to Keep Them Quiet, Parents Should Just Slap Them

Between books and mobile devices, kids tend to choose the latter to keep themselves occupied for a little while, and it’s a huge relief for adults who have been trying their best to keep them quiet. But are mobile devices the best option?

According to a Facebook post by Yan Mable which has been reshared by multiple pages, he doesn’t think it’s a brilliant idea and in fact, he criticises parents who allow their kids to seek solitude in the presence of mobile devices.

“It really pisses me off to see parents keeping their children quiet with iPads and gadgets.”

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To Yan, the “secret” to keeping a child quiet and disciplined lies in what many of us experienced in the good old times – a slap to the face.

“Our parents used to give us a slap or two to keep us quiet at the dining table, not gadgets!”

“Bribery” starts at a young age

Yan describes the act of keeping the child quiet with gadgets as a form of “bribery”, which will give the children the idea of not wanting to have their meals or be obedient without the presence of devices.

And for this, he blames parents for starting the habit of bribing kids.

“Our parents would have thrown our food into the rubbish bin if we made noise or cried at the dining table. No mercy, but parents today are just pampering kids too much.”

To Yan, the pampering brings a lot of long-term consequences that will affect their children.

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“They can’t take criticisms when they’re working in the future. Do you think they can handle the pressure at work next time?”

Yan added, “When you should slap, don’t spare the slap. Stop ruining the next generation.”

Do you agree that sparing the rod means spoiling the child? What sort of punishment can you recall when you were young?


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