Miles Morales – How To Refill Gadgets

In Spider-Man: Miles Morales players will make use of a number of gadgets while fighting crime, and this guide will explain how to refill them.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales gives players access to an array of gadgets to aid them in fighting crime and overcoming the numerous obstacles in their way during Miles’ adventure. These include the Holo-Drone for combat support, Remote Mines for setting traps and controlling the battlefield, and the Gravity Well for grouping enemies together and knocking them down.

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Players of Spider-Man: Miles Morales will want to make regular use of Gadgets when fighting crime in order to more efficiently and effectively take down threats and knock out enemies. This means knowing how to refill Miles’ gadgets, so they can be used regularly.


Ways To Refill Miles’ Gadgets

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Miles’ Gadgets can be refilled in a handful of different ways, with the simplest method being defeating enemies. Enemies have a chance to drop gadget ammo when defeated, which can be boosted using the “An Eye for Supplies” visor mod. This means that taking out enemies should naturally restore ammunition, though its down to chance whether a given enemy will drop ammo.

Another useful means of refilling Miles’ Gadgets is by using the visor mod “Reclaimer,” allowing Miles a guaranteed refill whenever he lands a melee stealth takedown. Despite only restoring one unit of ammo each takedown, this is still very handy for recovering ammo during stealth.

Another useful trick worth knowing is that Miles gets his gadgets completely refilled when starting challenges, such as stealth challenges. This means they can be strategically started and canceled to refresh supplies when out in the world.

Gadgets are especially useful when engaging with enemies via stealth, by using Web Shots as distractions or to set up traps and using mines to eliminate foes. As such, being able to eliminate enemies with a melee takedown to restock gadgets is tremendously useful in many situations. On the other hand, the combat applications of gadgets like the decoys and Gravity Well means that improving the ammo drop chance of enemies can also be highly useful, so it’s worth swapping and equipping different Visor mods to improve refill efficiency and to suit the current situation.

Bearing these options and methods in mind, players should be able to make much more effective use of gadgets throughout the game which, when paired with Miles’ array of combat and stealth skills, should allow them to take on the worst threats the city has to offer.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is available for PS5, PS4, and PC.

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