Mikayla Nogueira On TikTok Fame, Her Dime Optics Collection, & Makeup

Mikayla Nogueira On TikTok Fame, Her Dime Optics Collection, & Makeup


If you’ve spent any time at all scrolling through TikTok, you’ve more than likely stumbled upon one of Mikayla Jane Nogueira’s bubbly and often very vulnerable videos (and of course, the full-on New England accent that the Massachusetts native is so known for). And as the core of her content is centered around beauty, countless brands in the industry have picked up on the simple fact that if Nogueira loves a product and gives her stamp of approval, it’s highly likely that the item will go completely viral and sell out shortly thereafter. That’s just the power of TikTok and Mikayla Nogueira.

For her latest collaboration, she’s dipping her toes into a space just outside of pigmented lip hues and hydrating skin care, though it’s still something she is passionate about nonetheless: sunglasses.

Launching on August 23, the new Mikayla Jane x Dime Optics Collection features three unique sunglass designs, all available in three different color ways. Priced each at $35, they are the perfect shades to transition from the end of summer to the early fall season — whether you need a pair to complement those fall makeup looks, or to simply throw over a bare face for a chic look.

Below, Nogueira shares a bit about her inspiration behind the collection and more.

Dime Optics

Tell me a bit about your new collection.

Growing up, I didn’t have money, and I didn’t have any sunglasses of my own until two years ago. I remember when I got my first influencer paycheck, one of the first things I bought was a pair of sunglasses from Target. Since then, I just fell in love with sunglasses and I’ve been collecting them. When Dime approached me about a year ago to see if I wanted to do a collection with them, I said absolutely — just thinking to myself how grateful I am [to see] where my life was and where it is now.

They asked me to write down adjectives to describe myself, so I used photos instead and [shared] a photo of a power-plant because [I feel that] I am a powerhouse woman.

[The final sunglasses were named] Go Getter, Powerhouse, and Captivate. I really got to have 100 percent creative freedom which was really cool. I came out with a makeup collection in July, so the sunglasses are actually inspired by that Glamlite collection because I had been working on it at the same time. I wanted [my sunglasses] to be able to be worn with makeup.

How do you choose who you want to collab with? What felt right about working with Dime?

To be honest with you, the biggest thing I look for is a smaller company. I love indie brands, smaller brands, new brands, up-and-coming brands … The biggest reason I like that is because the brands tend to give you 100 percent creative freedom. It’s not as strict, there aren’t as many rules — it’s just really fun.

The other thing is: Personable.

And then I’d just say, something I’m aligned with. [With] Dime, I got to create colorful, bold sunglasses which is what I really love, and not just what’s trendy.

What’s your favorite makeup look to pair with sunglasses?

I love to match, so depending on the pair, I like to do a makeup look to go with it. If I’m [wearing] the plum purple [glasses], I’m going to use beautiful plum eyeshadows and a sparkly shimmer on the lid with a bold liner and lashes — and for sure, the sunglasses cover it, but it’s more [about] those moments when you take off the sunglasses [for a grand reveal].

Who is your dream face that you’d love to glam one day?

Probably Kim K. I’ve never really talked about it, but she’s actually a really big inspiration to me. I have a lot of respect for the hustle that she has, her work ethic, and I just think she’s really badass and I would love to do her makeup or even just talk to her.

What makeup trend are you most looking forward to this fall?

For the rest of the year, I’m going to plan on wearing bolder lipstick — and I think that’s going to be a big trend in the fall. [Think] bold, vampy, deep lipsticks, whether it’s reds, mauves, purples, or browns. And they are going to be so perfect to pair with these beautiful fall eyeshadow looks.

What’s next in your career? What milestones or goals would you love to accomplish in the future?

I feel like my influencer path is a little different. My dream has always been to just share my passion with makeup to as many people as possible, and it’s unreal that I get to do that every single day. I don’t have these big dreams to be famous, I don’t want to be on television, or a celebrity, or anything of the sort. That’s just not me. My dream in the future is to go to esthetician school, because I could never afford it, and I’d love to open my own spa and beauty salon some day. I just want to always stay grounded, build my life with [my fiancé] Cody, and continue to share my passion for makeup with the world.


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