Meghan Markle thinking to part ways with Prince Harry amid divorce predictions?

Meghan Markle thinking to part ways with Prince Harry amid divorce predictions?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who have been living with their two kids in Montecito since they stepped down as senior working royals in 2020, are buzzing in media about their alleged rift.

The Duchess of Sussex has reportedly sought ‘time apart’ from her husband Harry amid the predictions about the couple’s divorce.

Meghan’s absence from her husband’s promotional TV interviews for “Spare”, and silence after the book’s success has set tongues wagging about their relationship, as some have began to speculate that there is trouble in their marriage.

There are also reports that the former Suits star reportedly does not want to divert the attention away from the Duke by stealing the spotlight with her presence. 

But according to Heat magazine, she chose to stay away because she wanted “to be seen as a person in her own right” and that it “annoys her that she’s labelled clingy.”

She believes that the more time they spend apart, the more business ventures they can do independently. The publication pointed out that “Harry is not got nearly the same number of friends in America” as Meghan Markle, “so it’s a real change for him to suddenly detach himself from her following all three years as a unit.” He considers it a “big change” to have to follow his wife’s advice that “it’ll do them both good to spread their wings a little.”

The new claims about the couple have come following predictions that harry and and Meghan is heading for a divorce. Earlier in January, a psychic claimed that their marriage will start to “fracture” and ultimately lead to them separating and this would turn Prince Harry into a “deeply troubled man.”

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