Meghan King Reveals She’s Been In A ‘Weird Funk’ Lately

Meghan King Reveals She’s Been In A ‘Weird Funk’ Lately


Meghan King recently revealed that she’s been feeling stuck in a “weird funk” lately and many friends and followers on Instagram shared that they understand and have felt the same way.

Meghan King

Meghan King – Instagram

Meghan King Explains How She’s Been Feeling Lately

“I’ve been in a funk lately. It’s a weird funk, I’m not depressed or worried or anything, I’m in a healthy romantic relationship, I’m loving being a mom more than ever, and things with work seem to be falling into place,” her caption began. “My funk has to do with my shifting role in the game of life, I’m so public all the time but lately I’ve been wondering if this is the route I want for my children.”

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum, 38, continued explaining her feelings of inadequacy and that she’s been feeling defensive often. “Social media can be so insidious and I find myself feeling inadequate when I look at it too long. My mom recently asked, ‘Megh, would you like a keepsake box for your kids for Christmas?’ To which I responded something to the effect of ‘Damnit I don’t have keepsakes like good Moms bc I’m so distracted trying to run everything alone!,” she wrote. “(Sorry mom) but woah, seriously, when did I become so salty and self-righteous when it comes to keeping up with the Joneses? I feel defensive even when it’s unnecessary and I knew I needed to look within.”

She concluded her explanation, “That’s it. I don’t have answers yet, the funk continues.”

Meghan King and kids

Meghan King – Instagram

Meghan King’s Friends And Instagram Followers Had Advice For Her

Many of King’s friends and fans took the time to explain that they understand the funk and that they also feel or have previously felt that way. “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Judge could relate and commented, “I’m in the same funk my friend.”

One fan wrote, “Just be yourself, your an amazing mother.. your down to Earth, and your too hard on yourself. Keep your children out of the public and check occasionally on social media it can be so negative!,” and another added a suggestion, “One thing I do regret is not keeping enough of my daughters class work. Crafts made at school. Etc. Now they suggest the storage bins w- dividers for each yr. Just wish I would’ve saved more. just do your best Meghan. Which i know u r. Already. And take all the pics u can.”

Another fan dropped into the comments to say, “Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and reevaluate life. Then you’ll be able to see through all the crap to find the good stuff.” Other followers suggested more privacy in her life and to maybe stop sharing everything with everyone. “Privacy has value. It’s one thing to give up your own but your kids have a right to privacy as well. You’ll figure it out mama,” one person wrote.

Another person added a suggestion about social media, “Take a break from all Social Media for a few days, relax and regroup. Social media responses have no filter, that allows people to say mean, hateful, judgmental responses to anything they disagree with. The way people treat one another in today’s society is unbelievable and can really cause undo harm. Love ya. You do you!”

Meghan King


The Reality Star Recently Explained How She Takes Her Private Life Seriously When Dating

During an appearance on former “Bachelor” contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes’ True Crime Reality podcast, King revealed that she now chooses who she dates very seriously. “I am not kidding,” she said. “I do background checks on every single person I date.”

King said it’s important to know who you’re talking to on the Internet. “I have a blue check mark next to my name, so if anybody believes they’re talking to Meghan King and there’s no blue check mark next to the name, then it’s not really Meghan King,” she explained. She also said that she’s done putting her relationships in the public eye, and that she’s been dating a man for about a month now.

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